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A free psychic reading – throughout the internet you can come across free psychic reading offers.  Is this for real?   In this article we’ll try to answer this question from a few angles and find out what you can get for free and what you’ll need to pay for.

Nowadays, countless psychic platforms offer free psychic readings, free minutes and so on, making it essential to choose the right offer.  Psychic readings are offered by phone, chat, mail and even video calls.  

An online psychic reading can take between 15 to 45 minutes depending on the depth of the question, the answer and the follow up questions the querent may present to the psychic.  Some of these platforms offer the first 3 minutes for free and only then is there a per minute charge.  You can stay online with the psychic for as long as you wish, but keep in mind the clock is ticking and you will be charged for every minute passed the first 3 free minutes.  So, is this a free psychic reading?  No, not really.  I don’t think it is possible to get acquainted with your chosen psychic and get into an in depth conversation about your issue in under 3 minutes.  Is this a good offer to allow you to test out the waters?  Find out if you have good chemistry with your chosen psychic?  The answer to that question is a big maybe.  In a way, it seems to me a lot like speed dating. You have to make a decision in under 3 minutes on whether you want to continue the session with the psychic or try another psychic instead.

Allow us to be your guide on this quest. We have researched and compiled a list of the six best psychic reading platforms, each offering free psychic reading offers. Whether you prefer live chats, texts, or phone calls, these platforms provide exceptional experiences.

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Best Psychic Reading Sites in 2023


  The first 3 minutes with any new psychic are FREE!

   70% off your first session

   Satisfaction guaranteed (or your money back)

   Reputable platform with over 20 years experience

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Purple Garden

  Free $10 credit with any purchase

   First 15 minute session for only $20

   Great website and mobile app

   Available in English and Spanish

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  Risk free – First 3 minutes Free!

   10 minutes for $1.99

   100% Satisfaction guaranteed

   Reputable platform with over 20 years experience

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California Psychics

  Psychic readings available starting at $1/min

   20 minute intro packages for $20/$40/$80

   24/7 customer service

   Karma Rewards ® loyalty program

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Psychic Source

  Psychic readings as low as $1/min

   Plus 3 Free minutes on your first purchase

  100% money back guarantee

   Available in English and Spanish

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Where can I get a free psychic reading?

There are a few legitimate free psychic reading options if you know where to look. Check for free trial offers from well-reviewed psychic services. Some psychics offer free mini-readings on social media to attract new clients. I don’t recommend “free” readings in exchange for personal details.

Are there legitimate websites that offer free psychic readings?

Yes, a few reputable psychic services will offer free trial readings of 3-5 minutes for new customers. This gives you a chance to sample their talents before paying. I recommend checking psychic reviews to find proven authentic ones first.

How accurate are free psychic readings?

Free trial readings can be quite accurate when done by a talented psychic. They’re usually briefer since the psychic is donating their time. Paying for a full-length reading allows them to tap in deeply to your energy and questions. But free trials still offer helpful guidance.

What are the best platforms for free psychic readings?

Our top picks for free mini-readings are Kasamba, AskNow and Psychic Source due to their rigorous psychic screening process. We recommend to stay away from “free” readings on social media by unverified strangers.

Do I need to provide personal information for a free psychic reading?

Legitimate free trial offers don’t require your personal details besides name and birthdate. Be wary of any “free” reading requiring in-depth personal info right away – this is a red flag for scams.

Can I get a free psychic reading online or over the phone?

You can often get a brief free psychic reading by phone, chat or video depending on the platform. Make sure to use a reputable service known for screening its advisors.

Are free psychic readings as reliable as paid ones?

In my experience, free trial readings from ethical professional psychics can be just as insightful as paid readings when done concisely. The key is checking their experience and reviews first.

What types of free psychic readings are available?

Common free reading types include tarot, astrology, numerology, aura readings, palm readings and medium sessions. Platforms like Kasamba offer a nice variety.

Is it possible to find real psychics offering free readings?

Yes, there are many gifted authentic psychics who offer free short readings. Check advisor listings and use your intuition to determine who seems most aligned with your energy.

How to avoid scams when seeking a free psychic reading?

Read all fine print carefully. Avoid requests for personal banking/credit details. Check advisor reviews. Don’t pay any fees during free trials. Trust your gut on

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