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Free Tarot Readings

Tarot readings are a super popular way for people to get meaningful insights about all types of life stuff – whether that’s figuring out relationships, work and money issues, or just trying to find their path.  The amazing thing is, nowadays you can get free tarot readings right from your phone or laptop, from the comfort of your own private space.  Additionally, many free tarot readings are also available.  Yes, these are more general tarot readings, and they cannot replace a one-on-one tarot reading, but they can still open your eyes to different perspectives about situations in your life, and they’re fun.

These free online tarot readings have gotten way more popular over the years because they make the wisdom and guidance from tarot cards totally accessible whenever you need it.  The readings give you a taste of what tarot is all about in a simple way.  Both tarot pros and newbies curious to learn can benefit.  One of the best parts about free readings online is you have options – different types of spreads and card pulls depending on the type of clarity or heads up you need in your situation.  Each format gives you a unique way to get insights.

To start exploring, here are some of the free tarot readings you can try out:

There’s the classic single card reading…Then the relationship-focused three card spread…Or the three card career and money reading if work stuff is on your mind…There’s also a three card spiritual guidance version if you just want to get real about your inner journey.  The main thing is these free readings make tarot wisdom and guidance more accessible and private.  Give it a try the next time you need some direction – they really can make an impact.  And if the reading resonates with you, think about going deeper with a pro tarot reader.

Free Daily Tarot Reading

Starting your day with a quick one-card tarot reading can give you an awesome overview of the types of vibes and energy coming your way.  It works like this – simply pull a single powerful Major Arcana tarot card, then read up on how its symbolism and meaning might relate to your current situation or questions.  Kinda like your daily horoscope, except with tarot’s mystical twist.  The daily read can provide a nice boost of motivation, inspiration for the day ahead, or just a gentle heads up about what areas to focus on.  Whether you’re seeking some spiritual insight or just a little push in the right direction, this fast free daily tarot draw delivers.  It only takes a minute but can have you walking through your day with more clarity on how to flow with the good vibes and skillfully navigate any curveballs.  Test it out – pull a daily card and see if it resonates!


Get the Scoop on Love

Love Tarot Reading

Love and relationships are tricky – so getting some tarot insight can be super helpful.  Our free three-card love reading is a simple way to shine light on your current sitch in romance or attracting that ideal match. Just draw three cards to represent your past, present and future vibes. The cards interpreted together give you the full scope on what’s going on under the surface.  From there, you get valuable tips on how to handle challenges, move forward positively, or bring in healthier partnership energy. Think of it as an insider peek at clues, warnings, or encouragement from the universe on matters of the heart!

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Clarity for Career and Cash

Career & Money Tarot Reading

Got some big Q’s swirling around your work life or financial sitch? Our free three-card career and money tarot spread serves up guidance.  Whether you’re weighing a career change, wanting to start that side hustle, or just trying to sort out your moolah management, this reading illuminates next right steps.

Pull three cards – one for the past, one for the present, and another for the future outlook. Their symbolic messages weave together hints about untapped potential at work or money blocks to address. Make empowered choices!

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Tune Into Spirit Guidance

Spiritual Guidance Tarot Reading

Want clarity on your life path or feeling disconnected from your spiritual squad? Our free three-card reading for soul guidance hooks you up.  It’s designed to activate that innate intuition so you feel more aligned, peaceful and on purpose. Pull three cards and reflect on their deeper meanings related to fulfilling your potential.

This reading resonates so much because it helps you know yourself at a soul level – then make choices that light you up from the inside out. Try it out and let that inner truth shine bright!

Go to Free Spiritual Guidance Tarot Reading



The awesome thing is now free tarot readings are just a click away online. You can soak up all that juicy tarot wisdom straight from your phone or laptop without dropping any cash or leaving your PJs. We hope you enjoy the free readings here and see they offer reliable, down-to-earth guidance for whatever you’re going through. Consider them your inside source to make tarot part of your self-care routine when you need clarity or a little cosmic support. No matter what questions arise in relationships, career, or just figuring out your path, come back anytime. Tarot always has insight to share from epic spirit guides on the Other Side. Let the cards enlighten you!

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Free tarot reading online

Many talented tarot readers offer free 3-5 minute readings on sites like Kasamba to attract new clients. These let you sample their skills.

Where to get a free tarot reading?

For the best free tarot readings, look for advisors with lots of positive reviews. This helps avoid scams. Go over the reviews and read them carefully.  Go with a psychic that has reviews that resonate with you.  At Kasamba you can use the first 3 minute offer again and again with any new advisor until you find the advisor you find a connection with.

What are the best websites for free tarot readings?

Free trial readings can be quite accurate when done by a talented psychic. They’re usually briefer since the psychic is donating their time. Paying for a full-length reading allows them to tap in deeply to your energy and questions. But free trials still offer helpful guidance.  Check out our free tarot readings website reviews below for more details.

Are free tarot readings accurate?

Accurate free readings are definitely possible when done by experienced ethical tarot practitioners. But brevity limits depth compared to a paid reading.

What are some recommended free tarot reading apps?

There are a variety of free tarot reading apps in both the iOS Appstore and Google’s Playstore that offer free automated tarot readings. These can be fun introductions but lack a reader’s insights.

Kasamba iOS app

Free love tarot reading

Many online sites provide free love tarot spreads to gain insight on romantic energies and compatibility. Great for guidance but not forecasts.

How to do a free tarot reading for myself?

Learning the cards and doing self-readings with your own deck is very rewarding. For beginners, a wonderful guide is Clarity Tarot’s tarot card meanings  is a wonderful guide.

Free tarot card reading for career

Many free tarot spreads like the three card career and money tarot reading can provide useful career and finance insight on things like unfulfilled goals or untapped strengths.

Free daily/weekly tarot readings

Daily free one-card tarot draws from Clarity Tarot can reveal the day’s energy. For weekly guidance, stay tuned for Clarity Tarot upcoming new release or sign up to our newsletter to stay informed.

What to expect from a free tarot reading?

In free readings, expect an overview of key themes and energies – but specific timing and outcomes are iffy. The cards suggest potentials to guide your intuition.

Preparing your reading