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Free Tarot Reading Widget

Enrich your site with our complimentary daily tarot reading widget, delivering free and insightful tarot guidance to your visitors.

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How Does it Work?

The idea of creating an online tarot widget is to recreate the experience of a real reading. You start off by selecting a card out of the 22 Major Arcana cards in a Raider Waite Tarot deck. You have the option of shuffling the deck first if you wish to do so. The card selection is a random event meaning every person will get a different card. The card and the reading is relevant for that person. This ensures that the spiritual guidance for that day is personal per visitor.

Together with an explanation of the card, the widget provides 3 key takeaways that can be focused on during the day. One for love and relationships, one for career and money, and another takeaway that focuses on spiritual growth. For users looking for a more in depth reading, we offer a link at the end of the reading to an tarot reading service.

How to Install?

Embedding the widget on to your page is very similar to embedding google ads for that matter.  We developed a super easy and lean javascript that is also configurable.

Visit the widget config page here to get your code: https://freetarotreading.club/widget-config/

A sample code would look like this:

<div class="freetarot-container"></div><script id="freetarotreading" src="https://freetarotreading.club/widget.js?w=400&h=600&ignoreEmail=true&bColor=%23FFB7CAFF&lColor=%233B8EFFFF"></script>

On the widget configuration page you will be able to set the desired height and width according to your requirements.

To customize the widget’s colors to your site, we allow to customize the widget’s border color, as well as link color.

The widget is coded to ask for the user’s email prior to revealing the reading.   You can configure the widget to bypass asking for email by checking the relevant ByPass Email checkbox.

Preparing your reading