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Judgement Tarot Card Meaning

Judgement, the twentieth card in the Major Arcana has a significant meaning in a tarot reading. The Judgement tarot card stands for the importance of practicing authority and responsibility in judgement processes that we apply to both ourselves and to our surroundings.  At its core, Judgement reminds us that if we want to grow and achieve inner peace, we must embrace the process of accountability and judgment.

The Judgement card shows people rising from their graves, arms outstretched to the heavens. It’s Judgement Day! Above them Archangel Gabriel blows his trumpet, signaling the time has come for their souls to be judged – will they be accepted into heaven or not? It’s intense imagery about facing the consequences of your actions and owning your past. Judgement reminds us that while the decisions we make have an impact, we can seek redemption through self-reflection, atonement and moving forward with wisdom gained from the past. This card is about awakening to a higher calling and turning a new leaf.

The inner serenity that can be gained through this transforming process is symbolized by the serene and peaceful background of the card. It serves as a reminder that we can only find true serenity if we are truthful with ourselves and hold ourselves responsible.

Like in all tarot cards, the colors used in the Judgement tarot card are significant in meanings. The angel’s bright whites and golds symbolize the purity of our inner-truths that shine bright when we apply self judgement in our lives, while the blues and purples of the background represent the inner-peace and serenity that can be found through accountability and redemption.

When the Judgement tarot card appears in a reading, look at it as a powerful reminder of the importance of practicing self-judgement accountability in our lives. It may suggest that there is a situation or decision that is in the present that requires accountability and honesty.

If the card appears reversed, it may point to a reluctance to facing accountability or a struggle with inner truths. This is a great opportunity for an individual to take some time to be honest with themselves and to face inner-conflicts head-on.

Overall, the Judgement tarot card serves as a symbol of how we can empower ourselves and bring positive change into our lives by being honest with ourselves and our feelings.  Through the  transformative power of accountability, and self judgement we can redeem ourselves. While these processes may be difficult, they are essential for personal growth and finding true inner-peace.

Judgement Upright

When Judgement is upright in a reading, you are going through a powerful awakening and turning point. You’re realizing your higher purpose and tuning into a deeper calling from within. This card says it’s time for a rebirth – shed the old version of yourself and boldly step into your newest, best iteration! Any past mistakes, regrets or guilt can be cleansed away by owning your role, making amends and moving forward wiser. Judgement upright is a signal to fearlessly follow your inner wisdom. Let intuition guide your decision making from here on out. Your experiences have equipped you with the clarity and understanding to choose wisely. Have faith in your path ahead.

Judgement Reversed

Reversed, Judgement suggests resistance to necessary change and growth. You may be avoiding confronting parts of yourself or your past. Fear of being judged keeps you playing small. To move ahead, own your past mistakes without shame. Make amends if needed but don’t dwell in regret. You also may be resisting a call to step up to greater responsibility – don’t hide from opportunity! Self-doubt is natural but must be overcome. When we heal ourselves, we can inspire others. Judgement reminds you to trust the call from within. The Universe is guiding you to a higher role for a reason. Push past insecurity and listen to your inner wisdom.

Judgement in Love

Upright Judgement in love means awakening to a romantic relationship’s positive potential. Commit fully. If you’ve had conflicts, own your part, seek forgiveness and move forward wiser and closer. A breakup could lead to a rekindled romance. If single, don’t cling to past hurts that close your heart. Open yourself to love’s transformative power. Reversed can mean avoiding commitment due to fear of judgement. It also can represent staying in an unhealthy relationship, avoiding the needed awakening. Judgement reminds us not to be limited by other’s opinions. When love is real, embrace it boldly.

Judgement in Career/Money

Judgement upright points to an awakening around career and finances. You realize your higher goals and have wisdom to manifest them. Make discerning choices, honor your past lessons and invest in your future with purpose. Reversed can mean self-doubt paralyzes you from seizing opportunities. Or you may lack integrity in money matters – reexamine your motivations. Most of all, this card says awaken to your true calling. Don’t play small due to fear. Your life experiences have perfectly equipped you for the abundant opportunities ahead. Move forward with confidence.

Judgement: Keywords

Upright Keywords

Beginnings, spontaneity, innocence, potential, freedom

Reversed Keywords

Recklessness, impulsiveness, unpreparedness, lack of direction, foolishness

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