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Justice tarot card

Justice Tarot Card Meaning

The Justice card represents fairness, truth, and karmic resolution. Depicted with scales and a sword, Justice reminds us our actions have consequences. When Justice appears, get ready for just deserts. If you’ve been wronged, Justice foretells the situation being made right. But beware – if you hurt others, your misdeeds will also face reckoning. Upright Justice means a fair outcome is imminent, perhaps in legal matters if you’ve been honest. Take responsibility for your choices. But reversed means avoiding accountability, telling lies or passing unfair judgment. Justice urges moderation in finances and work-life balance in career. In relationships, it says treat your partner as you want to be treated. Overall this card speaks of living ethically, then letting Universal justice run its course. The scales always balance in the end.

Justice Upright

When upright, Justice is a ringing bell calling you into account for your actions. Has your behavior been sincere and honest lately? If so, you have nothing to worry about. Everyone makes mistakes now and then, and the Universe is merciful if you act with accountability, admit your wrongs, make amends, and move forward wiser. An upright Justice may suggest that a legal matter has concluded fairly. If you’ve been honest, expect favor. It’s time to make a major decision – consult intuition and compassion. Explore what truth and ethics mean to you beyond simplistic notions. Justice says you have the clarity now to choose right.

Justice Reversed

Reversed, Justice means avoiding responsibility and blaming others. You may hide your own unfair deeds or avoid reflecting on how to make things right. Difficult decisions get avoided out of fear or ego. Your inner critic is working overtime, leading to harsh self-judgement. Respond with self-love and honesty instead. In legal matters, reversed Justice predicts unfair outcomes, complications and delays. Biases could sway your judgment of others too. Take a step back, get more information and check yourself. When centered, you’ll know what justice truly requires of you.

Justice in Love

Upright Justice in relationships represents a karmic balancing of scales – you reap the benefits of being honorable and moral. It can indicate marriage. But lies and cheating will be revealed. Reversed can mean blaming your partner unfairly or staying in an unhealthy relationship. Though compromise helps, don’t betray your integrity. Meet anger with patience, jealousy with empathy. Justice says treat others as you wish to be treated.

Justice in Career/Money

Upright points to ethical actions at work leading to success. Maintain work-life balance. Reversed can show professional conflict/corruption – avoid Machiavellian tactics for success. Accept responsibility with grace, not defensiveness. For finances, upright Justice advises moderation and avoiding risky investments. Reversed means potential dishonesty with money or refusing to adapt spending to suit changed circumstances. Review priorities with an open mind.

Justice: Keywords

Upright Keywords

Fairness, balance, truth, morality, cause-and-effect

Reversed Keywords

Imbalance, injustice, deception, lack of responsibility, legal troubles

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