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Temperance Tarot Card

Temperance Tarot Card Meaning

The Temperance card addresses how we address finding balance in our lives. It suggest that balance is best achieved if you approach the task with a sense of moderation and flow in life. The card itself depicts an angel pouring the fluids between two cups – a symbol of how one should react to life situations with a balance between emotions and reason. The angel is standing on water, his wings spread out, suggesting they can carry their weight even when life pulls you down and there isn’t stable ground underneath. Temperance encourages the Middle Way. To succeed you’ll need to practice self control and avoid losing your cool. The cards’ soft colors represent the comfortableness that comes with balance.

Temperance Upright

Upright, Temperance is a clear sign that you need to find balance in your life. To cover all your bases, make sure to give attention to all areas of life: love, relationships, health, finances, etc’.  You are very capable when it comes to handling stressful times.  You are patient and diligent.  Temperance is all about going with the flow.  Life is full of surprises, some good, some bad.  Over the years you’ve proven to yourself the ability to carry yourself in a centered and enlightened manner.  You have mastered the skill of juggling priorities while maintaining balance.  Whatever life throws at you stay calm you will persevere.

Temperance Reversed

Temperance reversed warns that your life energy feels unbalanced and tensions are high. You may be burning the candle at both ends or stuck in unhealthy cycles. Restore moderation before reaching a breaking point. Or perhaps you’ve been resting too much, procrastinating on important duties. Disharmony with others and inner conflict can also show with a reversed Temperance. Don’t stay in bad relationships or situations just to keep the peace. This card reminds us to realign with our highest truth. Healing comes by creating space for self-care and tuning out other’s opinions. Listen within to find your flow again.

Temperance in Love

Upright Temperance reflects harmony in relationships thanks to moderation, patience and seeing all sides. But reversed can mean relationships suffer from unbalanced energy and lack of quality time. Or you may stay just to avoid conflict. Restore the flow by identifying issues, then addressing them with compassion for all. Temperance urges us not to overcommit in romance but also not to neglect it.

Temperance in Career/Money

Upright Temperance says maintain balance in your work life and finances. Work at a pace that’s sustainable. Avoid greed. Reversed can point to work obligations overtaking personal life or procrastinating on goals. It may also show poor money management. Regain balance by aligning work and spending with your true priorities. Temperance reminds us money and career status aren’t everything. Living aligned with your purpose matters more.

Temperance: Keywords

Upright Keywords

Balance, self-control, patience, harmony, inner peace

Reversed Keywords

Imbalance, impulsiveness, lack of self-control, inner turmoil, addiction

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