The Chariot

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the chariot tarot card meaning

The Chariot Tarot Card Meaning

The imagery on The Chariot card is very vivid and meaningful.  An armored warrior is driving a chariot holding a wand in his right hand instead of reins, implying he has the ability to control the chariot through magical powers. The chariot is  being pulled in opposite directions by two sphinxes, one black and one white, representing duality. Yet it seems the warrior is still able to steer the chariot steadily forward in the right direction. Overall, The Chariot represents our willpower, and our ability to become victorious in our life path as we stay focused.

The Chariot Upright

Pull The Chariot card upright in a reading, and you can see it as a sign that you can find success if you stay committed and determined. You have to take action.  Success won’t just fall into your lap. You can expect to face challenges that will test your conviction. Others may try to throw you off course.  But you have the inner resolve to push through. Keep your eyes on the prize. Avoid distractions and concentrate your efforts. Victory is close if you tap into your willpower. Be bold and courageous in pursuing your desires. Have faith in yourself. The Chariot says you absolutely can accomplish what you set out to do. Your ambition will take you far if you stay focused and dedicated.

The Chariot Reversed

Reversed, The Chariot suggests it may be time to change course or recalibrate your approach if you’ve hit a wall with a goal or project. Don’t stubbornly keep banging your head against the bricks. Reevaluate and be willing to shift direction if needed. You may have lost motivation too. Reconnect to your purpose and commitment to reignite your drive. Take time for inner focus through meditation and visualization first if action now seems impossible. Avoid trying to control everything – let some things unfold naturally. The Chariot reversed isn’t about giving up but rather changing course if the current path isn’t working out.

The Chariot in Love

Upright Chariot means taking charge of your love life – pursue who and what you want boldly! Reversed can suggest overdoing it in romance at the expense of other goals or being impatient for love. Remember you can’t control every outcome. Also check if you’ve neglected self-care or other relationships due to an all-consuming romance. The Chariot reminds us to balance drive with patience in dating. Move ahead toward your goal but pace yourself.

The Chariot in Career/Money

Upright points to ambitious career goals manifesting through self-discipline and determination. Success comes by focusing your efforts without distractions. Reversed may mean lacking motivation or being overly forceful in pursuing ambitions. Find the right balance of drive. For finances, upright says invest boldly after due diligence. Reversed warns of reckless spending – slow down and be mindful. The Chariot says temper ambition with moderation in money and career.

The Chariot: Keywords

Upright Keywords

Control, determination, willpower, victory, movement

Reversed Keywords

Lack of control, self-doubt, indecisiveness, defeat, stagnation

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