The Devil

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The Devil Tarot Card

The Devil Tarot Card Meaning

The Devil card depicts Baphomet, a half-man, half-goat figure surrounded by occult symbols. At his feet, a naked man and woman are chained but could easily free themselves, representing how we can become trapped by temptations and addictions. The Devil represents shadow aspects of ourselves and toxic behaviors or thought patterns holding us back. We may indulge short-term pleasures that cause long-term pain. The chains binding us are loose – with awareness, we can break negative cycles. But we must shine a light on these shadows and acknowledge their hold over us to make change.

The Devil Upright

When The Devil appears upright, it reveals you’re caught in negative patterns or unhealthy attachments. This could show up as dependencies, obsessions, relationship issues, limited thinking or behaviors you know aren’t serving your highest good. You may feel trapped, giving your power away to these shadows. But the truth is you have more control than you think. This card brings these harmful forces into your awareness so you can take steps to change them. It won’t happen overnight since these patterns often run deep. But with courage and willpower, you can loosen their grip. Shine a light on your shadow side. Make amends where needed. Then move forward freer and wiser.

The Devil Reversed

Reversed, The Devil suggests you may be on the cusp of a breakthrough but inner shadows are holding you back. To step into your highest potential, you must release limiting beliefs and unhealthy attachments. This takes courage but is simpler than you think. Also, The Devil reversed can mean confronting repressed aspects of yourself you may not be ready to face. Seek help from a therapist if this brings up deep trauma. Alternatively, hiding your shadow self can build unhealthy guilt. Sharing with trusted allies can relieve this. Or the reversed Devil can show detachment and cutting cords is needed to let go of obsessive ties.

The Devil in Love

Upright, The Devil can represent obsession or over-attachment in romance, to an unhealthy degree. Set boundaries. Reversed may mean avoiding facing relationship issues out of fear, but this only worsens problems. The Devil reminds us to keep perspective – don’t let romance consume all energy. Maintain interests outside the relationship. Also, this card can point to sexual experimentation, bondage or fetishes. Enjoy, but practice conscious consent and safety.

The Devil in Career/Money

Upright Devil in career and money matters says beware temptations to overindulge or neglect responsibilities. Reversed points to being spread too thin by saying yes to too much. Restore balance and manage stress. For finances, upright Devil says live within your means, avoid wasting money. Reversed means overspending – course correct. With work and money, practice moderation and careful planning. Don’t sell your soul in pursuit of status.

The Devil: Keywords

Upright Keywords

Temptation, materialism, addiction, manipulation, power

Reversed Keywords

Release, detachment, liberation, breaking free, inner strength

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