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the fool tarot card meaning

The Fool Tarot Card Meaning

The Fool tarot card shows a carefree young man about to step right off a cliff! He’s gazing up at the sky, blissfully unaware of the precipice before him. In his hand is a white rose representing purity. And at his feet a little white dog barks, trying to warn him of danger ahead. But The Fool is focused on the new horizon, not potential pitfalls. This card represents taking a leap of faith into the unknown. It’s about new adventures, fresh starts, embracing uncertainty and just going for it! The Fool invites us to tap into our childlike spirit of joy and curiosity.

The Fool Upright

When The Fool card is upright, it’s a sign from the universe that you’re on the brink of a new beginning, sister! How exciting! Now is the time to seize opportunity, trust your heart and dive right in, even if you don’t have every little detail figured out yet. Worry and fear will only hold you back. The Fool says this new endeavor will bring growth, fun and magic if you embrace it with an open mind and spirit of optimism. Say YES to the journey ahead! Take risks, be spontaneous, get playful, let your free spirit soar! The Fool reminds us that when we tune into our inner light, the universe will guide and support us. Trust yourself.

The Fool Reversed

When reversed, The Fool signals hesitation and self-doubt may be keeping you stuck. Perhaps you have a new dream or vision brewing but aren’t ready to fully commit to it yet. That’s okay! Reversed Fool just means keep it safe, nurture this new opportunity from a place of quiet inner focus first. In time, you’ll gain the clarity and courage needed to bring it out into the world. Alternatively, a reversed Fool can mean you’re being reckless, acting rashly without care for consequences. Take a breath. Then channel that free spirit into adventures that uplift, not harm, yourself and others.

The Fool in Love

Upright, The Fool speaks of carefree new romance and passion! Reversed can mean commitment phobia though. You want an exciting relationship but may shy away when things get “real.” Or it can suggest closed-off energy making it tough to welcome in new connections. Do inner work to release past hurts. When centered, The Fool says approach relationships with optimistic openness – then magic unfolds!

The Fool in Career/Money

The upright Fool indicates fresh career beginnings, job changes and success through innovation are on offer! Say yes to opportunity! Reversed can show reckless spending or job-hopping. Commit to plans that align with your purpose. For finances, upright Fool reflects abundance, reversed points to overspending without care for consequences. Overall The Fool says embrace life’s journey – move forward with childlike joy and trust.

The Fool Tarot Card Meaning: Keywords

Upright Keywords

Beginnings, spontaneity, innocence, potential, freedom

Reversed Keywords

Recklessness, impulsiveness, unpreparedness, lack of direction, foolishness

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