The Hermit

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the hermit tarot card

The Hermit Tarot Card Meaning

The Hermit tarot card depicts an elderly wise man standing alone at the peak of a mountain, holding a lantern to light his way on his inner journey of self-discovery. The snowy mountains represent his spiritual growth and wisdom gained from periods of solitude and introspection. His lantern’s faint glow shows the next steps but not the whole path – we must keep walking forward in faith. The Hermit reflects the human need to occasionally retreat from the hustle and bustle of life to reconnect with our core essence. Times of being ‘hermit-like’ teach us about our deepest values, beliefs, motivations and sense of meaning. We emerge wiser and clearer about our life direction. It reminds us that our greatest teacher is within. Like the Hermit, we all need alone time to find inner answers – as one reader shared, weekend meditation retreats help her tap into intuitive wisdom. But balance is key – too much solitude can disconnect us, whereas over-busyness prevents reflection. The Hermit encourages us to shine our inner light and trust its guidance.

The Hermit Upright

When The Hermit appears upright, the universe is nudging you to spend some quality time in solo spiritual reflection, sister. Retreat from the daily noise and busyness that distract you from your core self. Now is the time to meditate, journal, take a nature walk – whatever helps you align with your inner wisdom. Like the Hermit’s faint lantern, you may not see the whole path clearly yet. But trust that solitary contemplation will reveal the next right steps and you’ll emerge enlightened. This card often appears when you’re facing a major fork in the road. Your life lessons so far have given you insight to move ahead wisely. Have faith in your inner voice – it’s speaking volumes right now!

Quiet your mind and listen closely. Let The Hermit reveal your brightest light within.

The Hermit Reversed

When reversed, The Hermit suggests either avoiding needed solitude for inner realignment or isolating oneself too much. If you’ve been burnt out just pushing ahead day to day without pausing for self-reflection, now is the time. Give yourself permission to pull back and meditate on what really matters most. But beware becoming a recluse! We all need human connection too. After a brutal breakup, my friend isolated herself to heal. But she started avoiding social settings long after her heart had mended. The Hermit reminded her not to hide away forever – in moderation, solitude cultivates wisdom to share. Overall, balance is key – inward and outward focus, alone time and togetherness.

The Hermit in Love

Love (1000 characters): Upright, The Hermit can reflect a period of being single and celibate after a bad breakup or in between relationships.

Like a reader who joined an ashram for self-discovery after divorcing, solitary time for reflection and healing can prepare you for true love ahead. Or if coupled, like another reader’s weekend meditation retreats, occasional alone time nurtures your spirit so you show up as your best self in your relationship. But too much isolation can disconnect couples. A reader found she and her partner grew apart when work stress caused them to only parallel parent, not really relate. The Hermit reversed advised reclaiming quality time together. In dating, don’t hide away out of fear. Put yourself out there when ready. Alone time teaches us about ourselves so we can then invite greater intimacy.

The Hermit in Career/Money

Upright, The Hermit’s solitude can unlock career insights. After years on autopilot at his job, a reader took a month-long solo road trip and discovered his passion for wilderness photography – now his vocation. For another, a quiet week of journaling at a cabin revealed her calling to become a life coach. The Hermit says we contain inner wisdom about our true vocational path – silent reflection can reveal it. But reversed, he cautions against professional isolation. A newly single mom buried herself in work to avoid dating again. While temporarily healing, she avoided networking events that could’ve advanced her career. The Hermit reminded her that while alone time nourishes, we need human connection too. Balance is key. In money matters, upright Hermit reflects budgeting solo to gain clarity. But reversed can mean avoiding mentors who could help you invest wisely.

The Hermit : Keywords

Upright Keywords

Introspection, wisdom, solitude, guidance, self-discovery

Reversed Keywords

Isolation, loneliness, confusion, lack of direction, avoidance

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