The High Priestess

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the high priestess tarot card

The High Priestess Tarot Card Meaning

The High Priestess tarot card is calling you to connect with your inner goddess and tap into your sacred feminine wisdom.

Picture her seated between two pillars wearing these flowing blue robes that just radiate mystery and power. In her hands, she’s holding a scroll with secrets of the universe that only the spiritually ready can access. Oh and check out that crown – it represents her divine knowledge and psychic gifts.

Then there’s a crescent moon at her feet, reminding us of intuition, emotions, sensuality – all that good feminine juju. This card is telling you it’s time to nurture that mystical side of yourself.

The High Priestess Upright

When The High Priestess is upright, it means her message is coming through loud and clear, babe. Slow it down and take time to tune into your inner voice. Light some candles, meditate, keep a moon journal, dance under the stars – do whatever helps you connect with your sacred spirit.

The upright Priestess says your intuition is on point right now. Follow where it leads, even if you have doubts. One of my friends was guided to quit her job and start a crystal healing business – it was scary but she trusted her inner wisdom. Let the Priestess awaken your truth!

The High Priestess Reversed

Reversed, The High Priestess is reminding you not to ignore the call of your inner voice and higher self. It’s easy to get distracted by other people’s opinions and stay busy in the outside world. But now more than ever, you need to nurture your spirit. Make time for ritual, meditation and solo nature walks to reconnect. Don’t betray your intuition – it’s trying to share precious guidance!

The High Priestess in Love

Upright, the High Priestess reflects psychic connections and steamy sensuality in romance. A reader who felt this bought her husband a couples’ tantric massage, reawakening their intimacy. But reversed, the High Priestess can show relationships growing cold as focus moves outward over inward. Another reader’s marriage declined as kids and work distracts them from each other and their spiritual bond. The High Priestess reminded them to retreat together and rediscover their love’s divine spark. This card says romantic fulfillment comes by nurturing feminine energies like trust, intimacy, playfulness versus always logic and schedules. Make sacred space for romance.

The High Priestess in Career/Money

Upright, the High Priestess signals success trusting intuition and creativity versus just logic in career. A tarot reader who felt this pull used discernment about which client requests to accept, guiding her practice aligned with her spirit. For another reader, the High Priestess affirmed her dream of a mindfulness teaching business. But reversed can suggest over-busyness crowding out time for intuition. A social worker who ignored signs of burnout ended up on stress leave for months. The High Priestess reminds us that outward success without inward wisdom leaves us unfulfilled. Make time for intuition and self-care. In money matters, invest based on discernment, not just market tips.

The High Priestess : Keywords

Upright Keywords

Intuition, mystery, secrets, subconscious, inner knowledge

Reversed Keywords

Repression, denial, lack of trust in intuition, superficiality, ignorance

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