The Lovers

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Major Arcana
the lovers tarot card

The Lovers Tarot Card Meaning

Imagine a nude couple locked in a loving embrace beneath blue skies. An angel with opalescent wings watches over their union. Lush greenery surrounds them, like the Garden of Eden reborn. But look closer – a crimson serpent slithers up a tree, the forbidden apple within reach. The temptation! Another tree burns with orange flames – a sign of their fiery passion. The twelve flames mark the endless cycle of zodiac signs and time. A volcano thrusts up phallically, ready to erupt with desire. What a scene! This card overflows with symbols of natural beauty, temptation and unrestrained love. It makes me think of my client Amelia, who feared opening her heart after divorce. When The Lovers appeared, I knew love would find her again. And it did – soon she met her soulmate Ben. Their joy was written in the stars, just like the couple depicted here.

The Lovers Upright

Upright, this card reflects deep partnerships and bonds between soulmates. It can signify finding “the One” – a lover who completes you wholly – mind, body and spirit. My client Gabriella was career-focused for years until The Lovers appeared. Soon after she met her boyfriend Enzo; they just clicked and supported each other beautifully. The card encourages clear communication and vulnerability. It reminds you to make choices aligned with your highest values. You may feel challenged but must stay true to your most compassionate self. Overall it represents the magic of unifying with another in sacred union.

The Lovers Reversed

However, reversed, this card can indicate relationship turmoil. You may feel out of sync with your partner, unable to understand them. Trust lacking, one or both may pull away, afraid of getting hurt. My client Aisha was having issues with her boyfriend Jacob. They started arguing constantly. The reversed

Lovers was a warning – time to reevaluate if their values still aligned. Letting go with love can be healthiest. This card can also reflect inner unrest. Your desires compete rather than cooperate. Without self-love, relationships suffer. Examine your beliefs and connect to your needs. Become whole so you attract partners mirroring that.

Lovers in Love

Upright, The Lovers reflects a soulmate bond, with passion and friendship blended. Life’s journey feels magical together. My client Claire was single when this card appeared – I told her an amazing love was coming! Soon after she met her husband Rhys. But reversed, the card cautions of relationships losing intimacy. Fear or distrust may enter, like with my client Vidya and her boyfriend Mateo. Their bond wilted without care. Even soulmates have difficulties. But with compassion, many loves can be revived. True soulmates only grow stronger through turmoil. In all its forms, The

Lovers says love holds endless potential when tended properly.

Lovers in Career/Money

Upright, this card indicates collaborations blossom into something beautiful when you find the right partner. My client Simone was struggling in her creative career until we pulled The Lovers – I knew a fortuitous partnership was coming! She soon met her collaborator Pablo and their joint work took off. But reversed, watch for strain with teammates. One person may do more while another coasts, like with my client Ryder and his business partner. To rebalance, acknowledge each individual’s talents. By valuing diverse voices, you create an equitable environment for all to thrive.

The Lovers : Keywords

Upright Keywords

Love, connection, commitment, harmony, balance

Reversed Keywords

Indecision, confusion, lack of trust, infidelity, separation

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