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The Magician Tarot Card Meaning

The Magician tarot card, the second card in the Major Arcana, is a symbol of creativity, cunning wisdom, and the ability to turn one’s desire into reality . The imagery on the card is of a man sitting at a table holding a wand in one hand while pointing to the other hand that is holding the symbols of the four tarot suits—a cup, a sword, a pentacle, and a wand.  This symbolizes the magician’s ability to influence and utilize the forces of the universe to further his goals. A white rose and a lily, which stand for purity and the harmony of the material and spiritual worlds, are also displayed on the table.

The Magician tarot card is rich and bold in colors, with the red of the tablecloth representing passion and vitality and the yellow of the Magician’s robe suggesting intelligence and originality. The gold magician’s wand represents the capacity to bring one’s desires into being. The card’s background shows a blue sky, expressing the universe’s boundless potential.

The journey of the Magician is one of discovering how to use and master the forces of the cosmos to accomplish one’s goals. The card urges us to trust in our capacity to bring about our desires and to access our own inner power. The Magician serves as a reminder that if we are prepared to put in the effort and concentrate our attention, we can all create the reality we desire.

The Magician card in a reading may suggest that the querent has the ability and means to bring their desires to pass. It might also suggest that you have the power to influence events and exert control over situations in your life. The card may also signify the need to concentrate and focus one’s energy in order to accomplish a particular objective. The reversed version of the card might point to an abuse of authority, deception, or lack of concentration and acts as a warning to behave honestly and ethically.

The Magician card can represent taking immediate action to realize one’s dreams, utilizing one’s abilities and resources to accomplish a certain objective. The Magician tarot card may, over time, represent a journey of self-discovery and personal development as the inquirer learns to harness and manage their own power. It might also imply that the respondent will have plenty of chances to develop and evolve in the future and that one should always trust themselves and their instincts before making decisions.

What does the Magician tarot card represent?

The Magician card represents empowerment.  It represents one’s power to harness the four elements of the universe (earth, air, fire and water) to bring about change, and create a different reality.  That sounds very powerful, but what does it actually mean to us in real life?  Here are some actual examples of how you can harness the elements.


Earth represents practicality and stability.  In your life, you can add activities that take place in the outdoors.

  • Gardening is a great example of how you can connect with mother earth and cultivate the earth to create beauty and grow food.
  • Exercising outdoors is another great example.  This can be taking walks in nature or taking your yoga outdoors and connecting with the healing powers of the ground.
  • Experiment with a variety of crystals and minerals that are known to have a positive effect on one’s stability and balance.


The element of air is associated with intellect and clarity. Try to incorporate reading, writing or journaling, and meditation into your daily routine.


Fire represents passion and transformation.  Consider engaging in an activity of the arts.  This can be painting, dancing, singing, etc’.  If there are behaviours that you feel are holding you back, and that you wish to let go, consider a fire ritual where you write them down on a piece of paper and burn it.  This act of release can help expedite your transformation.


At this point you’re probably already understanding how you can harness the elements to help transform your life.   Water is all around us.  Try taking long soothing baths to relax and find your center.  Take on daily hydration challenges and turn them into life habits.  Staying hydrated is incredibly important for your body and mind.  The sound of flowing water can also have a wonderful effect on your wellbeing.  If you don’t live near water think about adding a flowing water fountain inside your living spaces.  You will find the soothing sound of water extremely relaxing.

Is the Magician a good card?

In tarot, the Magician signals that great opportunities lie ahead.  The Magician is about your ability to bring about positive change and transform your life.  You are capable, the stars are aligned in your favor.  It’s on you now.  Are you going to take this clear signal and act on it, or are you going to let the opportunity fade away?

The Magician tarot card in a yes or no reading

Generally speaking the Magician is a ‘yes’ card.  If you draw this card in a yes or no reading, understand that you  are being told that you are strong and capable.  That you have the power within you to take the necessary action to bring about that positive transformation in your life.  That said, tarot reading can be very subjective to the circumstances that brought a person to the reading and specifically the question in hand.  To fully understand the meaning of the Magician showing up in a yes or no reading it is crucial to view the entire spectrum of context.

The Magician : Keywords

Upright Keywords

Creativity, manifestation, skill, resourcefulness, power

Reversed Keywords

Misuse of power, manipulation, lack of focus, dishonesty, trickery

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