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The Moon tarot card

The Moon Tarot Card Meaning

The Moon tarot card, the eighteenth card in the Major Arcana, invites us to take a closer look into the powerful world of our intuition, subconscious, and emotions.

The crescent moon takes the center stage of the card, often accompanied by a wolf or a dog howling at it, hinting at the power of our inner voice and the hidden depths of our psyche. The backdrop of the card is a nocturnal sky, featuring a body of water or a path leading towards the horizon, symbolizing the path of self-discovery and concealed truths that lie within us.

At its core, the Moon tarot card emphasizes the significance of trusting our intuition and tapping into the power of our subconscious to better understand our emotions and the mysteries in our life. It may also act as a caution sign for us to be mindful of fears that may effect our perception and behavior away from our authentic selves. The colors of the Moon card are dark and mysterious. The blues and purples represent the subconscious and the hidden truths that lie within us, and the silvers and grays represent intuition and the mysteries of our emotions.

The Moon tarot card reminds us of the vital role our intuition and subconscious play in comprehending our emotions and authentic selves. It encourages us to trust our inner voice and remain open to unraveling the enigmas that lie within us. In a tarot reading, the Moon card may signify the need to delve into our intuition and emotions, to explore the hidden depths of our psyche. It may also suggest a time to embrace the unknown and unravel the secrets that reside within us.

If the card appears reversed, it may indicate fear, confusion, and a lack of self-trust, prompting us to be mindful of the illusions that cloud our judgment and stray us from our true selves.

In the short term, the Moon tarot card urges us to listen to our intuition and explore our emotions. In the long term, it foretells a journey of self-discovery and personal growth as we learn to trust our intuition, tap into the power of our subconscious, and unravel hidden truths about ourselves. The Moon card may also be a call to heed our inner voice, which may be leading us towards a new understanding or revealing concealed truths. It advises us to trust our gut feelings and not be swayed by fear or confusion, particularly when facing challenging situations.

The Moon Upright

When drawn upright in a reading, The Moon represents your fears and illusions. It has a tendency to show up when fears from you past are affecting your present day well being.  Repressed emotions from a traumatic experience in your past are lying deep in your subconscious. Now those feelings resurface and they are influencing you consciously or unconsciously.  To move past this, consider seeking a form of healing that has proven results dealing with the subconscious. Hypnosis, therapy or shamanic healing can help with this work.

The upright Moon can mean a time of uncertainty and illusion when nothing is as it seems. Be careful making fast choices under this card – you may later realize you only had half the info needed. You gotta listen to your intuition to see beyond surface appearances. Feel into situations vs overanalyzing. Let go of mental blocks and negative self-talk so your intuition can guide you. If you tune in, your dreams, hunches and inner voice will lead you to deeper wisdom.

When the Moon appears, attune yourself to its cycles using ritual, visualization or tarot readings. Harness its divine feminine power for deep intuitive insights into what lies beyond the mundane. Plant seeds of intention on the New Moon. Honor achievements and release what no longer serves on the Full Moon to embrace your new emerging self.

The Moon Reversed

Reversed, The Moon indicates the negative influence of illusions, anxiety and fear is subsiding. You’re working through these emotions, understanding how they impact you and learning to break free of limiting beliefs – it’s truly liberating and transformational!

You may try burying feelings deeper to avoid your dark side. You could be in denial, shoving issues aside and pretending everything’s fine. That might work short-term but eventually you gotta face the music and deal.

The reversed Moon can also mean you’re getting intuitive downloads but struggling to decipher the meaning. The message seems confusing or your interpretation differs from others. When reversed, you’re called to listen to your inner voice, not others. Trust the answers lie within and tune in. Pay attention to dreams – a diary helps. Record messages to revisit later when you have more clarity.

The Moon in Love

Upright, The Moon in love readings can indicate that you are not so comfortable in your relationship even if  things seem fine to an onlooker. Don’t jump to conclusions yet – this card could also mean deception. Stay cool and observe until the situation becomes clearer.

For the singles out there, if you are dating, The Moon may be a warning sign that someone in your life may not have the best intentions or you lack the full story about them. It’s hard to get a clear understanding of how you are feeling and most likely you’re feeling confused. Take time to understand your own emotions/motives clearly.

Reversed, The Moon may be a sign that lies or betrayal are about to come to light.  For example, discovering an affair or a secret that a partner has been hiding. It could also mean that the true meaning of your relationship is about to be revealed.  The reversed Moon says you’ll uncover the reality. If single, it can indicate regaining confidence after difficult times, or ignoring red flags about a potential mate.

The Moon in Career/Money

Upright, The Moon cautions against major investments or risks without all the facts – you may be misinformed. It can also represent someone trying to scam you financially. Follow your gut instinct – if something seems too good to be true, it usually is. This card says the info you have now is incomplete, so big money decisions should wait until you gain clarity.

The upright Moon sometimes indicates reckless money management – understand exactly what’s coming in and going out, even if unsettling. Avoid denial. Saving up provides a safety net. This card also warns of people trying to financially exploit you – step back from money obsession and look at the bigger picture.

Reversed can mean financial confusion/ambiguity starts making sense. If your intuition says avoid an investment, listen to it and give time for missing info to emerge. Another meaning could be finding out about a fraud.  Optimally, the reversed Moon means the status of your  finances and career goals are becoming clearer to you. When it comes to making a big decision or commitment, you have all the information you need. Trust yourself.

The Moon: Keywords

Upright Keywords

Intuition, subconscious, emotions, mystery, hidden truths

Reversed Keywords

Fear, confusion, lack of trust in oneself, repressed emotions, illusion

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