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the star tarot card

The Star Tarot Card Meaning

The Star card’s imagery is of a nude woman sitting by a pool under a starry night sky. She’s elegantly pouring water from two jugs onto the earth. One represents her subconscious mind, the other her conscious thinking. The water is pouring out of the jugs in what seems to look like five streams. They symbolize her five senses. The lush greenery around represent how her actions cultivate everything around her. While pouring the water she is poised on one knee as if grounded yet open to her intuition. Shining bright In the background sky are seven white stars representing the seven chakras and one big yellow star representing her core essence. The Star reflects one’s resilience and inspiration to use their natural born gifts to help others.

The Star Upright

Upright, The Star tarot is like a breath of fresh air after tough times. It’s like watching the sunrise after the darkest night – things are looking up! You feel the universe has your back, entering a peaceful period of personal growth with deeper understanding of yourself and others. Anything seems possible now as your dreams feel within reach. Let inspiration guide you to share your one-of-a-kind gifts with the world. You may be seeking more meaning and purpose – by embracing your true self, you make space for growth and intuition to take the wheel. With an open heart, you’re ready to receive the universe’s infinite blessings! I think of my client Mira who pulled this after losing her job. Soon new opportunities aligned with her talents arose, just as The Star predicted.

The Star Reversed

Reversed though, The Star can mean you’ve lost faith and feel overwhelmed facing life’s challenges. You may feel the universe has abandoned you, pleading for a break. But the divine always lights the way, even in darkness. This card asks you to reflect on the deeper lesson and blessing hidden in difficulties. It can also reflect feeling uninspired or checked out from parts of life, like work, hobbies or relationships. Gotta reconnect to your core values and spiritual purpose – that’s how you’ll rediscover motivation. Like my client Latoya, feeling stuck in an unfulfilling job. By realigning with her passions, inspiration returned. However it appears, The Star reminds us to nourish our spirits and have hope.

The Star in Love

Upright, The Star is super hopeful about relationships! If you’re single, you’re open to meeting someone new and releasing any baggage from the past. It can mean relationships growing way deeper, with healing of any issues. My client Priya was heartbroken but when The Star appeared I knew love was on the way back! Soon she met her new partner. Reversed though, it cautions about losing trust in relationships and only seeing flaws. Like my client Amelia whose marriage grew stale. The reversed Star said they could re-ignite the spark by healing wounds and restoring faith. However it shows up, The Star says relationships need TLC. With care and inspiration, even challenges bring you closer to your highest love.

The Star in Career/Money

Upright, The Star points to fruitful career opps ahead that align with your talents. Luck is defs on your side! It can mean recovery and renewed inspiration if you’ve faced work obstacles. Reversed though, you may feel disengaged or stuck in an unfulfilling job. Like my client Joaquin, feeling stifled in his corporate gig. By reconnecting with his passions, motivation returned! However it lands, The Star encourages hope – even reversed, it reveals how to realign with your purpose. For money, upright means stability through wise choices. Reversed, keep the faith during money struggles – with inspiration, solutions shine bright!

The Star: Keywords

Upright Keywords

Hope, inspiration, guidance, aspiration, inner-light

Reversed Keywords

Lack of hope, fear, confusion, feeling lost, self-doubt

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