The Sun

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The Sun Tarot Card Meaning

The Sun Tarot Card Meaning

The Sun tarot card is all about feeling good! When it shows up in a reading, it’s a great omen of success, happiness and positive energy headed your way.

Picture a bright, beaming sun shining down from above. It brings warmth and light, allowing life to flourish. The sunflowers on the card reaching upwards symbolize growth and vitality. And the child riding joyfully on the horse represents innocence, freedom and purity of spirit. The Sun is about embracing your inner childlike wonder.

The Sun tarot card is the nineteenth card of the Major Arcana.  The sun stands for success, vigor, and joy. The image on the card shows a bright sun shining down on a child or young person riding a horse and basking in its energy. The lush landscape in the background represents the warmth and growth that come with success and accomplishment.

The Sun tarot card serves as a reminder of how crucial it is to acknowledge the influence of happiness, vigor, and success in our life. It encourages us to approach situations in our lives with happiness and energy and to celebrate success.

The Sun card’s bright and vibrant colors symbolize the energetic warm feelings that come with achievement and success. The sun’s colors of yellow and orange, coupled with the background’s green hues, represent the sun’s roles in the natural cycle of energy, growth, and development.

When the Sun card appears in a reading it suggests that the individual may be experiencing success.  They are basking in the warm feeling of their accomplishments.  It also reminds us to embrace joy, energy, and vitality in our lives, especially in difficult times. If the card appears reversed, it may indicate the opposite.  A lack of energy or mobility. Even in a reversed state, it acts as a reminder to focus our attention to the positive aspects of our situation, even if these are times of failure or setback.

In the short term, the Sun tarot card prompts us to focus on finding joy and energy in our current situation and to celebrate our accomplishments, while In the long term, it represents a journey of self-discovery and personal growth.  Ultimately, it signifies good luck, happiness, and positive developments in the future, reminding us that success is always within reach.

The Sun Upright

When this card is upright, it means you can expect great things! Your confidence will soar and you’ll feel excited about the future. It’s a time to share your talents and know that your positivity will attract more good vibes. You’ll feel energized, ready to take on any challenge. Success comes easily.

The Sun Reversed

Reversed, The Sun reminds us that nothing shines all the time. You may be struggling with self-doubt or feel off your game. Take heart – this down period is temporary. Look within and reconnect to your inner childlike joy. Don’t take life too seriously. Laughter cures.

The Sun in Love

In relationships, The Sun upright speaks of romance, passion and togetherness. Any problems plaguing a partnership could be healed under its light. If single, your romantic prospects look bright! Enjoy yourself and radiate positive energy – your special someone will be drawn to you.

The Sun in Career/Money

For career and finances, The Sun predicts success and abundance. New opportunities are headed your way. It’s a time for prosperity and achievement. Your hard work will be rewarded.

Financially, a reversed Sun points to minor setbacks or unrealistic expectations. Patience and diligence will see you through. Stay determined.

The Sun: Keywords

Upright Keywords

Success, vitality, joy, energy, accomplishment

Reversed Keywords

Lack of energy, depression, stagnation, lack of joy, failure

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