The Tower

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the tower tarot card meaning

The Tower Tarot Card Meaning

The Tower card shows a tall tower situated on top of a mountain getting struck by lightning! With flames everywhere, people are jumping out the windows! Although the tower itself seems solid it’s actually built on shaky foundations, so one lightning bolt brings the whole thing crashing down. It represents goals and ambitions made on false assumptions. The lightning is like a huge surge of energy and insight that leads to a breakthrough or revelation. Even though the people have no idea what’s coming as they fall, the 22 flames represent divine intervention is always there, even in disaster. The Tower shows a path is about to change in a big way! Even a shock can lead to growth.

The Tower Upright

Upright, The Tower tarot means massive, painful change is about to arrive – divorce, health crisis, job loss – something that shakes your world to the core. What you thought was real comes tumbling down, like a lightning bolt of truth exposing how shaky the foundations of your beliefs really were. Your core beliefs may do a total 180, which is understandably confusing AF. But this destruction allows for new growth opportunities to emerge. After a Tower moment, you grow stronger, gaining a whole new perspective. It’s necessary for your spiritual evolution, even if it’s really hard. The Tower can be a blessing in disguise – a chance to break free of limiting beliefs holding you back.

The Tower Reversed

Reversed, The Tower is more about inner change you’re creating yourself. Questioning old beliefs, values and purpose. Could be a spiritual awakening or existential crisis type thing. While it’s unsettling, trust it’s for your highest good. You’re evolving into a new, better version of yourself. Sometimes reversed means resisting necessary change, clinging to old ways. But the transformation of The Tower is inevitable – the more you resist, the more disruption you’ll experience. Avoiding adversity only prevents your growth. In all forms, The Tower brings enlightening change, even if it takes time to understand its hidden blessings.

The Tower in Love

Upright, The Tower can show relationships crumbling apart – breakups, separation, divorce. Or surviving a crisis that majorly strains the bond. With effort, some relationships can emerge even stronger than before. It can also mean confronting uncool truths that mess with your connections. The destruction makes room for future growth. Reversed, one may avoid a needed ending, trying to salvage a damaged relationship. But avoiding the inevitable only prolongs the pain. Gotta face those truths courageously, even when it hurts. Those who stay with an abusive partner may fear change. But embracing the chaotic Tower moment can help rediscover self-worth and manifest true love down the road.

The Tower in Career/Money

Upright, The Tower can show sudden job loss and career upheaval. External stuff like a trash boss causes chaos. While it’s mad disorienting at first, it can lead to way better long-term opportunities. Avoid risky money moves, as unexpected losses are possible. Reversed, one may resist necessary career changes, preferring the comfort of an unfulfilling job. But avoiding adversity prevents growth. Embrace uncertainty; it leads to awakening. Staying stagnant in a corporate gig may seem safe until a Tower moment shakes it up. Starting a passion biz brings challenges but also so much joy. In all forms, The Tower brings enlightening, transformative change.

The Tower: Keywords

Upright Keywords

Sudden change, upheaval, chaos, revelation, awakening

Reversed Keywords

Avoiding change, denial, suppression, fear of the unknown, resistance

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