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the wheel of fortune tarot card

The Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card Meaning

The Wheel of Fortune card shows a giant wheel with all kinds of symbolic figures hanging on. First, we’ve got the four Hebrew letters for God’s name stamped right on the wheel’s face, bringing major divine energy. There’s also letters that likely mean “law”, “tarot” or “wheel” – a reminder that destiny keeps turning. At the wheel’s center are alchemical symbols for the elements of life. Surrounding the wheel, a snake slithers down representing the life force entering the material world. Rising up is Anubis, the Egyptian god who guides souls to the underworld. On top sits the Sphinx, symbolizing strength and wisdom. The four fixed zodiac signs appear too in each corner. Their wings mean stability amidst change. Each holds a book, suggesting they impart spiritual wisdom. When this card appears, I think of the ups and downs in life. One day we’re up, the next we’re plunged down.  But the wheel keeps evolving; nothing stays the same.

The Wheel of Fortune Upright

The Wheel of Fortune upright means big changes are on their way! Whether you’re in good or bad times now, the wheel will keep turning. Enjoy the ups but also know the downs won’t last forever. This card reminds us to make the most of blissful moments when they’re here. It’s also about karma – you get back what you put out. So if you want joy and abundance, be sure to radiate those positive vibes out into the world. Stay optimistic and know this cycle will move you in a brighter direction. Destiny and miracles are supporting you. This card encourages going with the flow, even when life feels unpredictable. Though you can’t control the turns of the wheel, you can steer your intentions and responses.

The Wheel of Fortune Reversed

Reversed, the Wheel of Fortune can mean misfortune and unwelcome changes rock your world, leaving you helpless. You can either hope for the best or take control of your destiny. First accept responsibility for where you are now. Reflect on how your past actions brought you here. Consider what you can learn so as not to repeat mistakes. This card can also reflect resisting major change rather than accepting change is inevitable. Or it may signal finally breaking negative cycles by taking ownership of the role you play. Upright or reversed, the wheel keeps evolving. Find your center in the storms.

The Wheel of Fortune in Love

Upright, the Wheel of Fortune means the cosmic tides are flowing to support your relationships! If partnered, issues can be resolved; a new phase begins. If single, luck is coming your way but you must put yourself out there! The card reminds us relationships have natural ups and downs. When reversed, it cautions a down-cycle is coming. But ride out the storm; this too shall pass. Nurture your bond through the lows and it can emerge stronger. If coupled, reflect on roles you play in recurring conflicts – change begins within. If single, don’t lose hope in finding love. Destiny works in mysterious ways. In all its forms, this card says love requires weathering the wheel’s turns together.

The Wheel of Fortune in Career/Money

Upright, this is a sign luck is on your side career-wise! Unexpected opportunities arise. Progress follows if you embrace change. Financially it suggests enjoying abundance while preparing for unexpected expenses. Reversed can mean professional stagnation or disruption. Reflect on how your choices led you here – then chart a new course. Financially it cautions to avoid risky decisions when instability rocks your world. Whether the wheel lifts you up or plunges you down, maintain perspective. The wheel keeps turning; each season passes in time. Align actions to your truth. The wheel weaves fate from how you respond to each turn.

The Wheel of Fortune: Keywords

Upright Keywords

Change, destiny, progress, good luck, karmic cycles

Reversed Keywords

Stagnation, bad luck, lack of progress, being stuck, lack of control

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