The Eight of Cups

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Suit of Cups
The Eight of Cups

The Eight of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

The Eight of Cups shows a lone figure walking away from eight golden cups, heading towards a river and the rising sun. The cups are left neatly in the grass, not knocked over. The person looks back wistfully at what they’re leaving behind. A full moon shines over a mountain in the distance. This reflects a shift – walking away from something to pursue a greater purpose.

The blue skies and water represent spirituality, emotions and inner truth guiding this transition. The moon’s glow shows exploring your intuitive self. The sun rising ahead symbolizes new beginnings and possibilities. This card marks a turning point, leaving dissatisfaction to renew your path. Have faith in leaving comfort to answer your soul’s calling.

Eight of Cups Upright

Upright, the Eight of Cups reflects seeking meaning beyond the status quo. You realize a comfortable situation no longer nourishes you, so you courageously move on. This card gives you permission to walk away to align with your passions. Don’t ignore restlessness – let your heart lead you to growth and fulfillment.

Eight of Cups Reversed

Reversed can mean staying stuck in an unfulfilling job, relationship, or lifestyle due to fear of change or the unknown. The reversed card says listen to your inner wisdom – is this situation stagnating your spirit, or can magic be rekindled with effort? Either way, honor your need for growth.

Eight of Cups in Love

For relationships, upright this card signifies outgrowing a relationship that doesn’t nurture you anymore. Though difficult, moving on frees you to find deeper connections. Reversed can mean staying together for security despite unhappiness. Weigh whether this still serves your spirit. In all stages, honor your need for growth.

Eight of Cups in Career/Money

Career-wise, upright points to leaving an unfulfilling career to follow your purpose. Don’t stay just for comfort or money. Make a plan and take the leap of faith! Reversed reflects staying in a stagnant job due to complacency or fear. Reconnect to your passions. Take classes or volunteer in areas you find meaningful. Move towards work that inspires you. Fulfillment comes when you align work with your soul’s purpose.

This Eight of Cups urges you to reflect – does your current path align with your heart’s truth? If not, find the courage to walk towards your calling. Growth awaits.

The Eight of Cups: Keywords

Upright Keywords

Discontent, Abandonment, Emotional Detachment, Search for Fulfillment, Moving On

Reversed Keywords

Regret, Stagnation, Emotional Dependence, Need for Closure, Lack of Forward Movement

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