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The Five of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

The Five of Cups tarot card features a figure in sadness, together with two cups that are still standing but are spilling their contents and three toppled cups at their feet. The background is a grim and dark tone of blue or grey, which heightens the sense of melancholy and loss. The overturned cups’ color can vary according on the deck, but they frequently appear gloomy or black and signify the end of something. The spilled contents could stand in for missed chances, unrealized goals, or broken relationships.

Usually, the card’s figure is depicted with their head lowered, as if in intense sorrow or thought. They appear to be turning away from the cups that have been spilt, perhaps signifying a decision to let the past go and not focus on their setbacks. The two upright cups that are still standing serve as a reminder of what they still have and what they may cling to going forward. The figure’s scarlet cloak, which symbolizes passion and emotion and can be read as a hint that they are still mourning their loss but are also capable of healing and moving on, is slung over her shoulder.

In the Tarot’s Cups suit, which stands for spirituality, relationships, and feelings, the Five of Cups tarot card specifically addresses the concepts of loss and mourning as well as the recovery process. The Five of Cups is no exception to the rule that the suit of Cups frequently represents the emotional state of the person receiving the reading.

The Five of Cups tarot card predicts that the person will eventually be able to move past their loss and start over. This can entail letting go of the past and developing fresh insight into the circumstance. The card may also portend that they will come to terms with their situation and find closure, which will enable them to go positively. The card exhorts the individual to keep their attention on what they still have in their lives and to look forward with renewed hope.

What does the Five of Cups represent in the upright position?

Upright, the Five of Cups is about disappointment when things don’t work out how you hoped. You feel let down that a situation didn’t pan out. The card shows being stuck in the past, feeling sorry for yourself instead of moving on. It can mean trauma, loss, isolation, sorrow. Your attention is on the negative when this card shows up.

What does the Five of Cups represent in the reversed position?

Reversed, the Five of Cups says you recently dealt with hardship or failure. You might not want people knowing you messed up. But maybe it’s time to open up. Don’t be afraid to ask for help or talk to someone you trust, even though sharing your pain ain’t easy. The reversal usually means you’re ready to rejoin the world. You’re letting go of the past and emotional turmoil.

What does the Five of Cups represent in a reading?

In a reading, the card may allude to a recent setback or heartache in the person’s life. This loss could be in a relationship, employment, or opportunity, among other areas of their lives. The card might also allude to the person’s remorse or sense of emptiness as a result of this loss. Even though it may be challenging, the card encourages the person to take stock of what they still have and concentrate on the future.

The Five of Cups in a love reading

For love, the Five of Cups upright could show grieving a relationship that ended. Or if you’re coupled up, fighting with your partner. Reversed can mean getting over a past breakup and being open to new romance. Or if you’re partnered, releasing old hurts to move ahead together.

The Five of Cups in a career or money reading

Money-wise, the upright Five of Cups can point to financial loss. Watch your spending during this stressful time. But reversed suggests bouncing back from money struggles. Find new ways to security.

Career-wise, upright Five of Cups might be losing a job or business. Reversed can be getting back on your feet career-wise after a setback.

The Five of Cups: Keywords

Upright Keywords

Loss, Grief, Heartbreak, Regret, Emptiness

Reversed Keywords

Acceptance, Moving Forward, Healing, New Beginnings, Renewal

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