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Four of Cups tarot card

The Four of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

The Four of Cups tarot card features a man sitting beneath a tree with three cups in front of him and one cup being offered by a hand that appears out of the cloud.  But the man, although staring at the three cups, seems to be oblivious to the fourth cup being offered to him.  The three cups signify the benefits and abundance that the figure has already received, yet it seems he is not appreciating them. The hand extending the fourth cup represents an opportunity for fresh encounters and personal development.  The Four of Cups means we can fail to notice new gifts and chances because we’re preoccupied or take what we have for granted.

The card’s subtle, subdued color scheme reflects the central figure’s reflective and reserved personality. The tree’s green color stands for solidity and growth, while the brown of the trunk indicates stability and anchoring. The background’s blue sky represents tranquility and peace, while the hand’s white color denotes innocence and purity.

The picture on the four of cups tarot card is supposed to inspire contemplation and self-reflection. The main character’s dissatisfaction with his current situation can be interpreted as an indication that life has more to offer than what he has already encountered. The fourth cup is being offered by the hand as a call to action and an opportunity to look into fresh possibilities for development and fulfillment.

In the short term, the Four of Cups suggests to set time for meditation and reflection during which one may feel bored or unsatisfied with what has been accomplished thus far. This card may allude to a restless desire to escape stagnation as well as a spiritual yearning for something more in life. But, it’s crucial to keep in mind that these feelings of boredom and discontent can be a crucial starting point for personal development.

Over time, the Four of Cups tarot card may signify a turning point in one’s life when opportunities for transformation and growth are more readily available. The card implores to step outside of one’s comfort zone and take on new challenges and experiences as a way to achieve spiritual and personal development.

The Four of Cups in Love

In relationships upright, the Four of Cups can indicate neglecting the good aspects because you’re focused on relationship ideals. If you’re single, you may lament past failures and miss new chances for love.

In love reversed, the Four of Cups can suggest emerging from isolation ready to date after heartbreak. Or for couples, deciding to work on the relationship after deep reflection.

The Four of Cups in Career and Money

Money-wise upright, the Four of Cups can represent feeling envious of what others have rather than appreciating your own finances. It sometimes points to general dissatisfaction with materialism.  Reversed, points to financial security after focusing less on envy of others. Put effort into good financial habits.

Career-wise upright, the Four of Cups can mean feeling unmotivated or stalled out at work. You may be envious of others’ success while thinking your professional life is going nowhere.  Reversed, signals the end of career slowness, with new opportunities ahead.

The Four of Cups: Keywords

Upright Keywords

introspection, boredom, dissatisfaction, spiritual hunger, restlessness

Reversed Keywords

Change, new opportunities, rebirth, motivation, breaking out of stagnation

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