The Page of Cups

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Suit of Cups
Page of Cups tarot card

The Page of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

The Page of Cups shows a young person in a flowing blue tunic holding a golden cup. In the cup, a fish pops its head out, representing emotions and the subconscious coming to the surface. The fish is also a symbol of spirituality and creativity. The page stands on a shoreline with still waters behind, meaning he accesses intuitive insights but is not yet moving on them. His tunic reflects the suit of Cups. The pages’ yellow shoes represent the lively spirit running through this suit. The Page of Cups is just starting his journey accessing feelings, relationships and creativity. He shows promise but has not fully developed his gifts yet. There is potential for growth if he can stay open to inner guidance along the path.

Page of Cups Upright

Upright, the Page of Cups reflects a new emotional opportunity, intuitive insights and fresh creative inspiration. When you get this card, your imagination awakens. You may envision vivid dreams or insights. This page is optimistic and trusting, embracing his childlike sense of wonder. Stay open and follow inspiration where it leads. Explore without judgment. While still learning how to navigate relationships and express emotions, the Page of Cups has much to discover in life if he remains open to inner guidance. There is great potential in new creative pursuits. Nurture ideas and see where they flow.

Page of Cups Reversed

Reversed, the Page of Cups can reflect emotional immaturity or difficulty understanding feelings. Creativity may be blocked or delayed. The reversed page can be moody, brooding and unable to cheer up. Growing pains around relationships may dampen the spirit. Without maturity to handle challenges, difficulties feel amplified. Progress lies in embracing life’s ups and downs as teachers on the path. Even disappointments hold lessons if you shift perspective – nothing is wasted in gaining wisdom. Stay open to inner guidance and signs. With time and experience, the page masters his gifts. For now, keep an open mind and heart.

Page of Cups in Love

Upright, the Page of Cups can reflect new love – the first blossoming of romance and intimacy. Flutters of excitement stir at possibilities! If single, a new relationship may arise. If coupled, refreshed energy and vision for the bond emerges. Reversed can reflect relationship growing pains as you navigate communication and heartaches. The page’s moodiness makes maintaining harmony a challenge. With forgiveness and empathy, struggles teach greater understanding. Remember relationships are teachers along the journey. Mistakes hold lessons when made from love. Stay open to signs guiding you as you develop relationship skills over time. What feels lacking now will fill with experience earned.

Page of Cups in Career/Money

Upright, the Page of Cups is a breath of fresh inspiration to anything finance related. Expect to be more creative with new ideas or an innovative approach to your work. Somehow, everything feels possible!

Reversed on the other hand, hints that money management is careless lately or that setbacks at work are about to occur. The page still needs experience – be patient with yourself and keep learning. Challenges build skills over time. Seek mentors to guide you as you develop talents. Stay open to signs – a new career that excites you may arise unexpectedly. With an open mind and heart, the future unfolds joyfully. Stay optimistic!

The Page of Cups: Keywords

Upright Keywords

Creativity, Emotions, Intuition, Imagination, New Opportunities

Reversed Keywords

Emotional Instability, Confusion, Lack of Focus, Indecisiveness, Unfulfilled Dreams

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