The Six of Cups

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Suit of Cups
The Six of Cups tarot card

The Six of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

The Six of Cups is a beautiful portrayal of the innocence and joy of childhood. It shows two little kids hanging out in the courtyard of a big house. The boy leans down and passes a cup of flowers to a younger girl. She looks up at him with admiration as he makes this sweet gesture. Their body language shines with harmony, love and cooperation.

In the background an older man seems to be walking away, as if to hint that the kids don’t need to worry about grown up stuff right now. Just enjoy being young! There are four other filled cups in the foreground, plus a fifth cup on a pedestal.

The cups serve as a reminder of the generosity and kindness we may show to the world, and the child in the card stands in for the youthful and innocent qualities of our character. The water in the glasses represents the psychological and spiritual satisfaction that can result from giving others our gifts.

The card’s background, with its beautiful green field and colorful flowers, is especially noteworthy. This stands for the natural world, a setting for development and rejuvenation as well as the possibility of fresh starts. The Six of Cups encourages us to embrace the generosity and enthusiasm of our childhood and let such traits influence our present and future situations.

In a reading, the Six of Cups can represent a period of nostalgia, a desire to recall childhood memories, or a yearning for the simplicity and joy of the past. It might also imply a desire to be more giving—both materially and emotionally—and a readiness to make other people happy.

Long-term, the Six of Cups may suggest a period of spiritual development during which we develop a greater appreciation for the beautiful things in life. It might also imply that we’re going full circle, remembering the happiness and delight of our youth, and discovering fresh approaches to infuse the same enjoyment into our present circumstances. The healing that comes from letting go of resentment and regret and embracing the good things about our past, present, and future can also be indicated by this card.

The Six of Cups Upright

Upright, the Six of Cups represents pleasant memories from the past, like childhood or young adulthood. You may reminisce about the good old days or reconnect with people from back then. Feelings of happiness and contentment arise as you reminisce over fun times together. Take this chance to see if you still have a lot in common and want to continue the relationship.

The Six of Cups can also mean increased harmony in your current relationships. You’re ready to give and receive freely, without expectation. It’s time to turn over a new leaf after any conflicts.

This card invites you to get in touch with your inner child again – to be playful, spontaneous and creative. When you give yourself this freedom, you connect with your true self and intuition. The Six of Cups can represent pregnancy, birth, or spending more fun time with kids. They have lessons to teach about staying present and open.

The Six of Cups Reversed

Reversed, the Six of Cups suggests clinging too much to the past rather than living in the present. While reflection can stir up good or bad feelings, dwelling on “how things used to be” causes you to miss opportunities right in front of you now. It’s okay to reminisce sometimes, but real change happens in the present moment. Make peace with the past so you can focus on today.

When reversed, this card can also mean you’ve lost touch with your inner child. Life has gotten boring and stale. Open yourself back up to curiosity, play and fun – jump in puddles, build sandcastles! Rediscover your youthful spirit.

The reversed Six of Cups may reflect privately revisiting old memories or relationships but keeping it quiet from others, fearing judgment.

The Six of Cups: Keywords

Upright Keywords

Nostalgia, childhood memories, innocence, generosity, joy

Reversed Keywords

Bitterness, regret, immaturity, unhealthy attachment, lost opportunities

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