The Three of Cups

Tarot Card Meaning

Suit of Cups
The Three of Cups tarot card

The Three of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

The Three of Cups shows three women dancing together joyfully, with arms uplifted in celebration. Their flowing dresses reflect the suit of Cups – emotions, relationships and creativity. Behind them are three cups, symbolizing shared blessings and friendship. Greenery abounds, representing the life force flourishing through their union. A laurel wreath floats above, meaning success, satisfaction and teamwork. Their communal dance reflects the power of coming together – when united as one in purpose, abundant prosperity follows. This card reflects the joy found through community, deep bonds and collaborating with kindred spirits. It reminds you that when spirits commune, anything becomes possible.

Three of Cups Upright

Upright, the Three of Cups reflects shared blessings, friendship and reasons for celebrating! When this card appears, joy is meant to be shared for it to multiply. Collaborate with others – your talents flourish in community. Be open to giving and receiving support freely. Consider expanding your real life social network to include people that share a similar purpose as you do. You will find that within the relationships in which you feel trust, that’s where you’ll find deeper meaning. These friendships will now find deeper meaning and bloom. Enjoy being a playful kid again – life feels lighter when you follow fun and unwind together. Uplift others and let others uplift you in return.

Three of Cups Reversed

Reversed, the Three of Cups can hint at a social disconnection that’s been going on. You may feel like an outsider even when you are with friends. Building real bonds requires effort – avoid superficial ties or negative feelings projected onto others. The next time you are in a social meetup, look for those persons that have the gift to uplift your spirit. Stick around them for a while.

Avoid being alone, it diminishes your light. You are meant to shine and inspire joy in others. Turn within to rediscover why you came – to give your gifts and see them reflected everywhere.

Three of Cups in Love

Upright, the Three of Cups reflects connections and playfulness within relationships. Enjoy lighthearted energy through shared activities and interests. Reversed can mean disconnection, lack of emotional exchanges and jealousy. Make quality time together a priority. Deep bonds require consistent care. Share feelings openly and honestly, listen with empathy. Single or taken, avoid superficial relationships failing to nourish you. Seek kindred spirits instead – your community reflects soul family. When you give your gifts freely, you draw in your soul tribe. You uplift each other’s light, with each unique but equally valued. Nurture relationships fostering mutual growth. Together is joy multiplied.

Three of Cups in Career/Money

Upright, the Three of Cups reflects collaborations and community benefiting your career and finances.  If your goals are aligned with the teams’, success will follow.
Reversed can mean a lack of connection with co-workers or an unbalanced business partnership. To improve on this, sit down and discuss your aligned goals and shared vision with your team mates. You are meant to play a role in coming together for causes bigger than yourself. You are assigned with finding your teams’ core values once again. Once all the team is again aligned you will find that the motivation is back, and together with it the joy.

The Three of Cups: Keywords

Upright Keywords

Celebration, friendship, community, fulfillment, joy.

Reversed Keywords

Overindulgence, isolation, disappointment, disconnection, dissatisfaction.

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