The Five of Pentacles

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The Five of Pentacles

The Five of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning

The Five of Pentacles features two figures walking in the cold snow, while a church with stained glass windows and a warm light shines in the background. The walking figures seem to be impoverished, perhaps injured or ill, and are ignored by the people passing by. The Five of Pentacles is a perfect representation of the feelings of exclusion and isolation.

The card symbolizes a difficult time. It could be financial hardship or feelings of being left out in the cold. It is a reminder, that at times, we may face exclusion or difficulties, but it also reminds us that we are not alone. It encourages us to seek help and support, even if it means swallowing our pride and asking for assistance.

You may be feeling left out on an important secret, an important day or business event,  despite the fact that you have done nothing wrong to be excluded. To your knowledge, you did not purposefully harm anyone or stab someone behind their backs, so why should you suddenly be given the cold shoulder? Despite the reason, the reality is you are not a part of whatever is going on. You’ve been left out.

The Five of Pentacles suggests that this time around, it has to be this way. That said, if the incident is meaningful to you, and you are confident in your position, that you’ve done nothing wrong, you can and should open up to the people involved and share what you are feeling. Be open to feedback as well.

The Five of Pentacles: Keywords

Upright Keywords

Hardship, financial struggle, isolation, loss, fear

Reversed Keywords

Recovery, hope, support, renewal, growth

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