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The Four of Pentacles

The Four of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning

The Four of Pentacles shows a figure sitting on a throne, holding tightly onto a pentacle with both his hands. Under his feet he is firmly holding down two more pentacles.  The fourth pentacles is balanced on top of his head.  He won’t let go. He doesn’t want anyone stealing his coins.  At first sight it might seem the guy is firmly holding assets and wealth, but in fact this symbolism suggests a fear of scarcity and a reluctance to share one’s resources. This guy isn’t going anywhere.  He is so afraid to lose his grip of the pentacles that he has lost his mobility due to his attachment to the material world.  Even his friends and family behind him are unavailable for chat. This guy is stuck in one spot with a single obsession: wealth.  The pentacle balanced on his head is blocking his spiritual connections.

The card also shows a barren landscape with no sign of human connection or community. This may represent feelings of isolation and loneliness that can come from valuing material possessions over genuine human relationships.

If you resonate with this card, it may be time to reevaluate your priorities and consider how you can create more meaningful connections and relationships in your life. If you feel trapped in the sense that you put too much value on wealth and status, try to find other groups of people who share your desire for warmth and authenticity. Together, you can create a community that values human connection over vanity. Remember, true abundance comes from the richness of our relationships, not just our material possessions.

Most likely, within the group that you currently socialize, you’re just trying to fit in, to be respected and accepted in such an environment. Yet, the Four of Pentacles implies that it’s time to recognize what you truly value in life.  If it’s relationships and human interaction over material wealth, well then, it is time for you to change your surroundings.

The Four of Pentacles Upright

Upright, the Four of Pentacles is a timely reminder for you to examine your relationship with money. Are you looking at money as a means to an end?  Do you know how to enjoy your wealth?  Are you sharing your wealth with your friends and family?

One might say that the card suggests that you’ve achieved your wealth by staying firmly grounded and conservative.  You actively saved and invested and watched your spending.  You’re attentive to long-term financial security, actively saving and watching expenses to accumulate wealth for a comfortable lifestyle now and later. Consider savings plans, budgets, retirement funds and safe investments to protect what you’ve built up and gradually increase your net worth.  That would be the positive state.

However, the Four of Pentacles often reflects a scarcity mindset around money and possessions. Rather than spending and enjoying a comfortable life, you stockpile cash for fear of losing it or it being taken away. Your budget may be so strict that it cuts out life’s pleasures – travel, social events, gifts, fun activities – but for what purpose? Money works best when flowing, not stashed away. Deep down you may realize you’re forfeiting happiness for an overly safe approach to life. Find balance between spending and saving so you can enjoy fruits of your labor but also save for the future.

This card can also suggest placing too much value on money and material possessions. You may be attached to material things, letting possessions rule your life. You gauge self-worth by earnings, car, home value, vacations. But as your standard of living rises, so does the need to work hard to sustain it, leaving little time to enjoy the wealth. The broader lesson is to respect money but not become so attached that you lose sight of what’s most important – friends, family, happiness and love.

The Four of Pentacles Reversed

Reversed, the Four of Pentacles can reflect reevaluating what’s important, especially regarding money and wealth. You may have overvalued material possessions and now realize only love brings happiness. You may be loosening your grip on surrounding yourself with ‘things’ in favor of seeking more love and joy instead. You might feel compelled to declutter or adopt a minimalist lifestyle. Money is no longer number one priority – you’re redefining your relationship with possessions and finances.

The reversed Four of Pentacles can indicate money slipping through fingers and spending exceeding savings. You may spend unconsciously hoping for happiness but instead feel more stress as your balance declines.

Sometimes this reversed card suggests your love of money has turned to greed – wanting more and more, but at what cost? In chasing more money, you may work longer hours but neglect loved ones. Or if you have a business, you may push sales harder for more profit, but at expense of customers’ wellbeing. Consider the overall cost/benefit ratio. Is the quest for ‘more’ really making you happy?

Finally, the reversed Four of Pentacles can appear when you’re in self-protection mode. You strongly desire security and stability and are doing everything to create a steady environment. When outer world seems chaotic, you can gain more certainty by controlling your inner world through organizing or tidying.

The Four of Pentacles in Love

Upright, the Four of Pentacles isn’t such a positive card when it comes to relationships. If you are currently in a relationship, it can mean you or your partner are being possessive, controlling or jealous, hurting the relationship.  It would be wise to give each other some more personal space so that the relationship has a chance to breathe.  It could also mean that one of you is not being completely honest and forthcoming with how they feel.  Harboring resentment over long periods of time can blow up in the worst timing. Consider having an honest conversation with your partner to air things out.  If forgiving or apologizing is in order, do it.

If single, this card suggests you may be the cause of what is holding back your love life.  It could be a number of reasons: fear of getting hurt, communication issues, not getting over your ex and so on.  The Four of Pentacles is guiding you to take care of yourself and address your issues before committing to a new relationship.

Reversed in love is lucky!  Your’e not desperately holding on to anything.  You have an open mindset and you welcome loving partner with your arms free and available.  If you are in a destructive relationship, now may be time to move on and end it.  As a single person, the reversed Four of Pentacles may be an omen that you are now more ready than before to meet your new partner.  Any ex lovers can be let go.  It’s time to move on.

The Four of Pentacles in Career/Money

Upright, the Four of Pentacles often represents that you have reached a point in your life where you feel you’ve reached financial security, but your fears of losing this newfound richness may be clouding your judgment.  You might be putting too much weight on materialism and greed, and perhaps your behaviour with money has changed  and you’ve become more stingy.  Or this card can simply mean you’re saving up for a big purchase or an investment like a home or paying off debt.

Reversed in money means you’re not clinging tightly to riches – this could manifest as loss of valuables through carelessness or theft, financial losses from risky behaviors like gambling or get-rich-quick schemes. It can represent instability and anxiety around finances. Reversed can also mean spending money for noble reasons like buying a house, being charitable, or sharing wealth with loved ones.

The Four of Pentacles: Keywords

Upright Keywords

Security, Possession, Stability, material comfort, protection

Reversed Keywords

Loss, instability, insecurity, extravagance, waste

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