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The Nine of Pentacles

The Nine of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning

The Nine of Pentacles shows a classy woman in a fabulous garden. She’s wearing fancy robes and a beret, signs of her wealth and status. Grape vines and gold coins behind her represent achieving all her goals. Her hand rests on a coin, and she holds some grapes – meaning a healthy relationship with money. She can enjoy her success without overdoing it. A hooded falcon on her hand symbolizes self-control. In the distance is a big house, indicating her abundant wealth.  The woman stands tall and confident, demonstrating her independence and control over her own life.

The card’s colors are rich and inviting, accentuating her rich lifestyle. The deep purples of the woman’s dress convey her confident royal personality, while the greens of the vines and the golden colour of the sun in the background represent prosperity and abundance respectively.

Though you’ve been through a lot, often on your own, you’ll come to appreciate the challenging path you chose. As you look back, you’ll see you took the right decisions, even if they appeared to be the wrong ones at the time. You’re more objective now that some time has gone, understanding the big picture of your life and understanding why things unfolded the way they did. In retrospect, you’ll see that the path you took was worthy. You’ve learned to identify between what matters to you and what genuinely counts in life, and you’re likely to act intelligently from now on, choosing activities with true spiritual significance.

The Nine of Pentacles Upright

Upright, the Nine of Pentacles says since you worked hard for abundance, it’s time to start reaping the rewards! Through your efforts, confidence and discipline you achieved success and built a solid foundation for prosperity and comfort. Now kick back, relax and enjoy the good life – You’ve earned it!
When this card shows up, you should take it as a signal to reward yourself for all of your hard work lately, even if you haven’t reached the finish line.
The Nine of Pentacles also represents financial freedom. The woman in the card reached her status of wealth through hard work.  She is self made.  Similarly, you are advised to make smart investments and build your wealth without relying on others.

The Nine of Pentacles Reversed

Reversed, the Nine of Pentacles puts the spotlight on how you value yourself when it comes to financial matters.  Have an honest conversation with yourself.  How do you rate your earning skills?  You may be judging yourself too harshly.  Know that you deserve the wealth and riches.
Sometimes this reversed card comes up when you’re working nonstop and have no time to enjoy the fruits of your labor. At some point, you need to stop and appreciate the luxuries you created. Remember what truly matters. Retreat to nature to recharge.
The reversed Nine of Pentacles can also mean needing to release the need for a certain income or lifestyle if it conflicts with priorities like family. You may think you need the best of everything, but all you really need is loved ones. Don’t be afraid to reduce income temporarily to focus on what’s most important.

The Nine of Pentacles in Love

Upright, the Nine of Pentacles can reflect peace and security in a relationship that gives you independence and support to pursue your goals. Your partner will encourage you growing your career or business. For established couples, it can
mean finally taking time to enjoy your relationship after years of effort. If you’re single, it may mean valuing your freedom.
Reversed can indicate instability and lack of security in a relationship. It can reflect someone demanding benefits without effort, like overspending or racking up debt expecting their partner to pay. It can also mean dishonesty in a relationship. If single, it may warn against seeking a partner for the wrong reasons, like money or status.

The Nine of Pentacles in Career/Money

Upright, the Nine of Pentacles signifies you’re being properly rewarded for career advancements. Prosperity, success and financial gains have all been earned. Reward yourself by relaxing and reveling in your accomplishments. It can also represent retirement or a break after much hard work.
Reversed indicates failure due to laziness – don’t expect success without effort. Or you may have been overinvesting in work, neglecting other life areas. For businesses, it can mean evaluating your security. This card reminds you that you that to gain rewards, you must put in the work.

The Nine of Pentacles: Keywords

Upright Keywords

Independence, Self-sufficiency, Luxury, Prosperity, Gratitude

Reversed Keywords

Isolation, Materialism, Greed, Excessive Spending, Lack of Gratitude

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