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The Page of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning

The Page of Pentacles shows a young man standing in a field of flowers. Behind him are some trees and a freshly plowed field, meaning a bumper crop is coming. The mountains in the distance represent challenges he’ll face. The Page studies a gold coin, like he’s figuring out how to manifest more wealth and abundance. The Page of Pentacles tarot card represents fresh starts and opportunities in both practical and material pursuits. The card’s artwork is exquisite. The man’s youth signifies energy and excitement for new opportunities.

Green and yellow colors are often used to represent potential and wealth. The Page of Pentacles utilises these colors to convey the message of youthful energy (yellow), with the growth potential (green) brought on by new opportunities. The overall design of the Page of Pentacles is a harmonious balance between these two themes. The card hints at this balance in the way the Page holds the pentacle in front of him, indicating his eagerness to use his skills to bring his ideas to life.

You are likely to discover a new interest, fun hobby, or more serious activity that will excite you beyond words and imagination, either now or very soon! You’ll be putting in a lot of time, effort, and money into your newfound interest, and it’ll feel amazing. You’ll become quite immersed, learn a lot, and participate in the activity extensively. You won’t be in it for the money or the fame, and because you’ll be doing it from the heart, you’ll be successful at it naturally, without any pressure to succeed. But even success won’t matter because you’ll be too delighted to have found something that speaks to you so strongly. It’s a present for your soul.

The Page of Pentacles Upright

The upright Page of Pentacles brings a message of new beginnings and starting creative projects. Since Pentacles deal with money and material stuff, this Page is all about becoming aware of the value of wealth, possessions, career, and health – and how to attract more of that good stuff! When this card shows up, you’re tapping into manifesting goals and may be starting a new venture like a hobby, business, or education. You’re pumped about the potential to create anything through focus and action.
But this Page is more about initial excitement than fulfilling dreams. You need clear plans to achieve goals. Stay practical, keep your feet on the ground, and look for realistic next steps. Use common sense to find workable solutions. To make his dreams real, the Page is an eager student willing to learn skills that’ll ensure long-term success. This card can mean it’s time to up-level through a class, more education, or apprenticeship. Discover new aspects of yourself!

The Page of Pentacles Reversed

Reversed, the Page of Pentacles says you’re exploring a new idea but not ready to fully commit yet. You may be keeping it secret for now or feel you lack skills/resources to succeed, so you’re procrastinating. If this opportunity keeps presenting itself and you want to move forward, trust you have what you need – the rest will come.  It could also mean your attempts to get a project going keep failing or steering you farther from your goals. The reasons for this may be varied.  Take a timeout to focus your thoughts and prioritize your actions before you try again.
You’ve already prioritized and ordered your actions.  Are you focusing on getting those done or are you perhaps daydreaming about new goals?  Review your original assumptions and motivations.  They are true and correct.  Play them out in your head and imagine yourself achieving your goals.
The reversed Page of Pentacles is an invitation to learn from past mistakes. Try looking at failures as opportunities to discover new things about yourself.

The Page of Pentacles in Love

Upright, the Page of Pentacles can mean a strong sense of devotion in your relationship, even thought it might feel that some of the initial passion has faded. Just do something fun and exciting together to liven things up – it likely doesn’t signal huge issues. For singles, this card says that love opportunities are there for the taking.  Don’t overthink it just go with the flow and have fun.
Reversed may warn that your partner could be dishonest or disloyal. It can signal immaturity or moodiness, even treating each other poorly. You risk regret if you lie or mistreat your partner. This card can also represent boredom and needing effort to rekindle excitement. If single, it says you may not be ready for commitment yet – and that’s ok!

The Page of Pentacles in Career/Money

Upright, the Page of Pentacles represents good financial news, often in the form of rewards for efforts made. It also symbolizes taking steps to ensure your money future. Whether you’re looking to buy a home or waiting on an offer being approved, things should go well. Your finances are due for good news if you put in the work to plan for the future.
Reversed indicates negative financial news or instability. It can mean money worries due to lack of funds. Or not managing money responsibly- review your expenses, are you overspending?

The Page of Pentacles: Keywords

Upright Keywords

Learning, focus, new beginnings, growth, potential

Reversed Keywords

Distraction, lack of focus, boredom, unfulfilled potential, stagnation

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