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The Eight of Swords

The Eight of Swords Tarot Card Meaning

The Eight of Swords depicts a woman bound and blindfolded inside a cage of swords. Her eyes are covered, representing distorted perception and lack of clarity about her situation. The swords fence her in on all sides, reflecting her perceived confinement and inability to break free of limitations – whether mental constructs or external barriers. The woman’s hands are unbound, meaning some self-imposed restrictions exist only in her own mind. Grey skies loom overhead, conveying a bleak outlook. Yet light peeks through clouds, signifying hidden potential and hope. The card reflects feeling trapped in thought patterns or circumstances, limited by blind spots about choices available. Clarity and freedom often lie just outside the walls we build internally.

Eight of Swords Upright

Upright, the Eight of Swords represents feeling stuck in anxiety, negative thought loops and perceived powerlessness. You view circumstances through a pessimistic lens clouding your judgment.

Mentally, your vision is impaired, even trapped. You fail to see the array of choices at your disposal. Some of the barriers that are impeding your vision are illusions, and some are real. Explore closely which is which. Ask a wise friend to help you with by giving you some alternate perspectives to a situation you are in. See what comes up and what shifts in your mind and thought. Gradually, you should be able to see different frame of the same situation. Stay hopeful – you possess more power than it appears. Keep seeking, and a path will emerge in time.

Eight of Swords Reversed

Reversed, the Eight of Swords reflects breaking free of self-limiting beliefs and tunnel vision. Blindfolds fall as perspective expands to see possibilities you missed before. Feeling empowered, you confidently create change rather than staying trapped. Watch out for impulsive behaviour. Act thoughtfully, considering potential risks and outcomes before boldly proceeding. Enjoy a renewed sense of freedom when you act mindfully and compassionately and behold how opportunities will unfold naturally.

Eight of Swords in Love

Upright, the Eight of Swords may represent feeling confined anxiety or insecurity in relationships. You view your situation through a pessimistic lens. Reversed, lifting blindfolds allows fresh perspective. With compassion for yourself, speak openly to transform perceived limitations. Remember, your partner wishes to support you, not trap you. Approach conflicts ready to listen, understand and compromise. When ego insists on being right, relationships suffer. Concede your inherent worth – it is not dependent on controlling an outcome. Forgive each other’s stumbles. Together you can dissolve barriers and rediscover freedom and joy in your bond.

Eight of Swords in Career/Money

Upright, the Eight of Swords reflects self-sabotage limiting your potential in career or finances. You doubt abilities, feel stuck in unsatisfying work or fear taking business risks.

Reversed, hints that you have unused skills and resources. Consider speaking with a mentor to help guide you through career shifts or important business decisions. You may feel like your’e living through a time of financial paralysis . When we stop listening to our limiting inner voices, we welcome success and abundance into our reality. Your capabilities far exceed your current circumstances. Believe in yourself, and see how the opportunities that were once invisible are now existent and clearly seen. Keep an open mind, and clarity will show the path ahead.

The Eight of Swords: Keywords

Upright Keywords

Confinement, Blindness, Limitation, Fear, Paralysis

Reversed Keywords

Break Free, Empowerment, Vision, Overcoming Obstacles, Progress

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