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Suit of Swords
The King of Swords

The King of Swords Tarot Card Meaning

The King of Swords shows a king seated on a stone throne, holding an upright sword representing intellect and reason. His expression is serious and detached – he rules through logic alone. A purple cape signifies his compassion smoothly blended with justice. Strong mountains behind the throne reflect steadiness and impartiality. The king’s throne has waves carved into it, meaning he navigates emotion yet is not led by it. The back of the throne depicts butterflies taking flight, symbolic of transformation and growth through mindful communication. The King of Swords has mastered reason and justice tempered by intuition. He now helps others make discerning choices.

King of Swords Upright

Upright, the King of Swords represents clear thinking, truth, objectivity and reason. Use mind over heart to make decisions without bias. Analyze situations strategically before acting. Communicate with compassion yet honesty. The sword cuts away clutter so you can see what is essential. Mentor others in speaking and living their truth. Sever that which no longer serves you. But wield your sword judiciously – truth spoken cruelly harms more than helps. See all sides. Stay open to feedback. Justice comes from wisdom balanced with empathy.

King of Swords Reversed

However, reversed, the King of Swords misuses intellect as a weapon rather than tool. Cold reason devoid of compassion cuts those around you. Arrogance blinds you to your own shortcomings. Judgement clouds understanding others’ perspectives. The reversed king must rediscover wisdom – consider all sides, not just rigid assumptions. Stay open, work collaboratively. Lead through inspiration, not demands. Speak your truth, but with care and humility. Harsh facts without empathy backfire. Meet anger with patience and mentorship, not retaliation. Intellect uplifts when balanced with understanding.

King of Swords in Love

Upright, the King of Swords values direct communication in relationships. Express your needs and listen to your partner’s openly and honestly. Stay detached from ego – don’t insist on being right. Reversed, the ruthless king wounds with words and intellect used to dominate. Admit when you are wrong. With humility and care, emotions can be discussed without demanding or diminishing your partner. Seek win-win conflict resolution. You are on the same team. Truth without empathy causes harm. Balance mind with compassion. Lead by inspiring not commanding. Create safety for vulnerability. Relationships thrive when nourished by wisdom and emotional intelligence.

King of Swords in Career/Money

Upright, the King of Swords makes objective, strategic decisions in career and money matters. Analyze facts without ego interfering. Reversed points to intellectual arrogance and poor leadership through domination. Bullying colleagues breeds resentment, not excellence. Communicate feedback thoughtfully, not cruelly. No one benefits from overwhelm. Strive to uplift others. Wisdom applied compassionately manifests abundance. Sever that which no longer serves. But wield your sword judiciously. Honesty balanced with care enlightens. See all perspectives. Stay open and collaborate. Transformation happens through inspiration, not force.

The King of Swords: Keywords

Upright Keywords

Authority, Justice, Wisdom, Clarity, Communication

Reversed Keywords

Injustice, Intolerance, Dogmatism, Insensitivity, Ruthlessness

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