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The Nine of Swords Tarot Card Meaning

The individual depicted on the Nine of Swords card is sitting upright in bed and has a terrified expression on their face. Nine swords that are threateningly slicing the air are around them. Typically, a variety of blues and greens are used to represent the swords, and the sharp points and serrated edges stand in for the cutting character of the person’s fears and concerns. The background is usually depicted as a dark and gloomy night sky, emphasizing the ominous and oppressive nature of the person’s thoughts.

The seeker depicted in the card is going through a lot of internal anguish and fear. The nine swords that encircle them stand for the various distressing worries and thoughts that plague them, and the jagged edges of the swords represent the piercing, painful quality of these anxieties. The person is also seen sitting up straight in bed, which implies that these worries and fears are keeping them from getting any peace or sleep.

The Nine of Swords conveys the impression that the seeker is imprisoned in their own thoughts and unable to get rid of the worries and fears that are troubling them. The menacing, sharp swords and the dismal, black background give the impression of someone who is badly distressed and needs to be freed.

In the short term, the Nine of Swords card in a reading may suggest that the seeker is now going through a lot of dread and anxiety. This anxiety could be more generic and diffuse, or it might be connected to a specific circumstance or occurrence. Whatever the source, the card hints that the seeker is experiencing a sense of helplessness and overwhelm in the face of their anxieties.

Int the long term, the Nine of Swords card may suggest work on your inner self and face the concerns that are preventing you from moving forward. In order to overcome your fears, you may have to go through this challenging and painful process. In the reversed position, the card suggests that for you to be able to overcome your anxieties and move forward, you will need to be courageous and take action when and where necessary. The Nine of Swords ultimately signifies that you have the capacity within yourself to conquer your anxieties and come out a winner.

The Nine of Swords: Keywords

Upright Keywords

Clarity, intellect, independence, impartiality, objectivity

Reversed Keywords

Confusion, emotional detachment, cruelty, suppression, isolation

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