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The Queen of Swords

The Queen of Swords Tarot Card Meaning

A sitting queen holding a sword that is pointed upward at the sky is depicted in The Queen of Swords. She is shown as sitting on a throne with the sky acting as her backdrop, suggesting her fondness for intellect and the world of ideas. The queen’s intense gaze reveals her capacity for concentration, planning, and objectivity.

The colors blue and white, which stand for intelligence and purity, are the most prominent ones on the card. Blue symbolizes objective and clarity. The queen’s attire has elaborate patterns that represent how complex her ideas and thoughts are. She wields a sword in her hand as a representation of her intelligence, ability to discern lies, and mental clarity. The sword also stands for her ability to make judgments using logic and thorough investigation.

The queen is depicted as sitting on a throne with a wide, commanding backrest to symbolize her power and control over her thoughts and feelings. The throne’s backrest is decorated with intricate designs that represent the intricacy of her thoughts and her command over her brain. The Queen of Swords is a representation of independence, impartiality, and objectivity. She also stands for the triumph of reason over feeling.

In the short term, the Queen of Swords suggests a desire for impartiality and clarity. It is a reminder to make the most of your intelligence and analytical abilities to get through whatever scenario you may be in. This card challenges you to act impartially, fairly, and to base your choices on logic rather than feelings. The Queen of Swords card may suggest that it is time to take a step back and reevaluate the matter from a logical standpoint if you have been feeling overtaken by your emotions.

Over the long term, the Queen of Swords suggests a quest for autonomy and intellectual mastery. This card says that you will be required to apply your critical thinking abilities and rational judgment in order to manage the problems of life and come to wise judgments. With time and as you grow your abilities and deepen your knowledge in a variety of areas, your may improve your ability to make objective decisions. The Queen of Swords is a reminder that a sharp mind is a powerful tool and that you must practice sharpening your thought processes and decision making abilities if you wish to succeed in life.

The Queen of Swords: Keywords

Upright Keywords

Clarity, intellect, independence, impartiality, objectivity

Reversed Keywords

Confusion, emotional detachment, cruelty, suppression, isolation

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