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The Seven of Swords

The Seven of Swords Tarot Card Meaning

The figure representing the Seven of Swords is shown skulking away from a battleground in the shadows while wielding several swords. The person conveys the feeling of stealth and deception by wearing a cloak and hood. A full moon illuminates the battlefield in the distance, signifying time passing and the importance of one’s choices. The figure’s swords represent cunning and planning, as well as apprehension and the possibility of betrayal. The card’s predominantly dark and subdued color scheme contributes to the sense of secrecy and deception.

The card is from the suit of swords, which stands for the mental, verbal, and ethical spheres. When it comes to this particular card, the number seven can represent the journey or quest of the person that is skulking away from the battleground.

In the short term, the Seven of Swords suggests that you may feel pressured to act secretly in order to accomplish their goals. It might also mean that you are either experiencing or have a strong suspicion that betrayal or manipulation in going on in your life. Another interpretation is that you might be acting dishonestly, in which case you should be wary of the results of your actions.

In the long term, the Seven of Swords suggests that you be exposing yourself to serious consequences do to your actions. Since the truth will eventually surface, the card advises to be honest with both yourself and other people regarding your intentions and actions. In the reversed position, the Seven of Swords may suggest atonement for past deeds, as a good course of action. Eventually, the Seven of Swords is a wakeup call to act with integrity and honesty in all aspects of your life, while you examine the effects of past actions on both yourself and your surroundings.

The Seven of Swords: Keywords

Upright Keywords

Deception, secrecy, cunning, betrayal, strategy

Reversed Keywords

Redemption, honesty, remorse, exposure, consequence

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