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The Six of Swords

The Six of Swords Tarot Card Meaning

The Six of Swords shows a small boat with three figures in it.  The wavy waters on the close end of the card are contrasted by the still waters on the other end of the boat suggesting they are moving on from rough to calm waters.  This is a truly striking difference. The boat is steadily moving forward thanks to the efforts of a young man pushing the boat forward with a long cane.  The two other figures sitting in the boat seem to be a woman and child.  Their postures are hunched and weary, but they seem hopeful about the destination ahead.

This symbolizes a transition – leaving hard times in the past for a more positive future. The crossing water reflects an emotional journey from turmoil to peace. This card represents necessary transitions when former situations become painful. By leaving the past behind courageously, a more meaningful life phase awaits.

Six of Swords Upright

Upright, the Six of Swords suggests we may be stuck in a rut, and not even know it, and that it is time to hop in the boat and move on from whatever is holding us back.  Chances are we can’t fix it, so there really is no need to stay in the situation, but rather seeking the changes is what will bring relief even if bittersweet.  Yes, this will require your emotional courage and willpower, but the shift will lead to a better place.  Trust the process.  Don’t cling on to painful situations just because they are familiar.

Six of Swords Reversed

Reversed can suggest that you are aware that you need to make changes in your life, but you are avoiding them.  What is scarier?  Staying in the same hurtful place, knowing your’e causing yourself damage, or making the necessary change even though you don’t know what will be the outcome? They can both be terrifying,  but we shouldn’t let them paralyze us.  Resisting change only prolongs a bad situation. You have to gather all of your courage, and take a leap of faith – great growth and wisdom lies ahead on the other side of the crossing.  It’s OK to grieve what’s being left behind.  It’s not OK to stay.

Six of Swords in Love

For relationships, upright shows the partners have grown antagonistic feelings towards one another and, an inevitable seperation is in order. Though painful, it will enable both parties to heal. Reversed, suggests to take a closer look at a relationship or partnership that is breeding pain and misery.  Are you clinging on to it, afraid to let go?  This is a time for you to reflect on your needs and well-being. Necessary endings lead to growth.

Six of Swords in Career/Money

Career-wise, upright reflects outgrowing an unfulfilling job to find more meaningful work. The unknown seems scary but intuition leads to stability. Reversed can represent staying too long in work breeding burnout and despair. Begin envisioning changes aligned with your purpose. baby steps forward will gain momentum to calmer waters where your talents can flourish and inspire.

The Six of Swords gives courage to leave behind pain and begin healing. Though emotional, these transitions are necessary for progress and renewed clarity.

The Six of Swords: Keywords

Upright Keywords

Transition, Movement, Progress, Healing, Safe Passage

Reversed Keywords

Stagnation, Regression, Emotional Wounds, Self-Doubt, Resistance

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