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The Three of Swords

The Three of Swords Tarot Card Meaning

The Three of Swords shows a heart stabbed by three swords against an angry, dark sky. The heart represents emotions, the swords depict the pain and heartbreak from rejection, loss or grief. Raindrops fall, like tears of deep sorrow. But there’s a glimmer of sunlight in the distance, bringing hope.

This card totally captures that agonizing feeling when your heart is shredded to pieces – like when a relationship ends, your love rejects you, or someone you cherish passes. The dark clouds are like the depressed mood that follows such heartbreak. The thunder and rain are the tears and constant waves of grief. You may feel like the sun’s never gonna come out again.

But that peek of sunlight reminds us this excruciating pain won’t last forever. The clouds part eventually, the tears dry up, the weight in your chest lifts. Right now you’re deep in the pit of sorrow and despair. But it’s a necessary step toward healing and getting wiser. This card validates the hurt you feel is legit. Honor it fully. The dawn waits on the other side.

The Three of Swords Upright

Upright, the Three of Swords is about intense emotional pain, usually from loss, rejection, betrayal or death. A breakup, unrequited crush, losing a BFF, getting rejected for a job, betrayal by your partner or family member, grief from a death – all examples of the tough experiences this card represents.

In this misery, the whole world can seem totally bleak and hopeless. You may shut yourself in, feeling too depressed to see anyone. Simple daily tasks become so difficult. You sob a lot, your mind cycling through what went wrong. Sleep and appetite suffer. The future looks grim as hell.

During such deep pain, the Three of Swords reminds you this too shall pass. The hurt won’t always feel so raw and gaping. In time, it will start to heal. You’ll see the light of day again soon. For now, this card says your sorrow is valid – take it one day at a time. Each wave of tears carries you closer to the other side.

The Three of Swords Reversed

Reversed, the Three of Swords suggests you’re overcoming heartbreak or emotional trauma. The clouds are parting, with bits of sun peeking through. You’re not depressed anymore. Your appetite comes back, sleep gets better, tears come less often. You’ve started to reach out to friends again. The future doesn’t look totally bleak anymore.

The reversed Three of Swords acknowledges you still have some ways to go in the healing process. The grief may catch you unexpectedly sometimes. But the direction is positive. Each day carries you further from the raw pain of your initial heartbreak. This card affirms you’re making your way to the other side of the sadness. Keep truckin’ along. You got this.

The Three of Swords in Love

Upright, the Three of Swords often represents getting dumped or rejected in relationships – the ending of a partnership, unrequited love, cheating, a loved one dying. The total heartbreak you feel when your partner leaves, an affair comes out, or your crush doesn’t feel the same way. It can also reflect pain unrelated to the relationship itself putting strain on the bond.

For instance, you feel hopeless after your spouse suddenly says they want a divorce but you still love them. Or months after your partner cheated you remain devastated and struggle to move forward. The Three of Swords captures that all-consuming grief following relationship loss or betrayal.

Reversed: When reversed in love readings, the Three of Swords suggests the period of deep mourning and despair after heartbreak is shifting to cautious optimism. You can envision perhaps loving again after divorce or cheating. Thoughts of your ex make you sad but not in excruciating pain anymore. You consider the possibility of friendship or forgiveness.

The Three of Swords in Career/Money

Upright, the Three of Swords may suggest professional rejection.  You had your eyes set on your dream gig, but you got passed over.  You’ve been long awaiting on a promotion but you lost out or got laid off despite having put in the work.  It captures the crushing letdown when your hard work and efforts aren’t rewarded.

Reversed, the Three of Swords signals healing from past rejection and moving forward with fresh clarity and resilience.  You stay motivated despite past rejections, trusting yourself and the process, knowing the perfect fit awaits. If your career has encountered a hurdle due to being fired, you embrace the newfound free time for self-reflection and contemplating your next moves. Though painful, you take the opportunity to turn the lemons handed to you into lemonade.  It is important to identify the toxicity that was part of your professional life so that you can avoid it in your future path. Take this card as an encouragement to bounce back wiser and stronger from this professional heartbreak.

The Three of Swords: Keywords

Upright Keywords

Heartbreak, betrayal, pain, sorrow, loss

Reversed Keywords

Healing, forgiveness, letting go, moving on, closure

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