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The Two of Swords

The Two of Swords Tarot Card Meaning

The Two of Swords shows a woman sitting on a stone chair, holding a long sword in each hand, held up to her chest in a crossed position. She’s got a blindfold on, symbolizing indecision. The body of water behind her represents emotions and the crescent moon above her points to her intuition and inner reflection.

The woman’s pose symbolizes the need for inner peace and balance in the face of conflict and decision making. The blindfold represents the need to look inward for clarity rather than relying on outside sources. The crossed swords represent internal conflict and the need to reconcile opposing thoughts and emotions. The ocean in the background represents life’s vastness and uncertainty, and the woman’s pose in the center represents her ability to navigate it with balance and poise. This card’s color scheme includes calming blues, which represent peace and clarity of thought.

You have chosen to turn a blind eye to a very unpleasant situation. Most likely, you just want to avoid being dragged into it, having to take sides, and bringing negativity into your life. Two of Swords suggests that in closing your eyes, you might also be closing your heart and emotional world. Not wanting to feel anything isn’t the best way to go about this. You might be fearing your own rage, wanting to keep it locked and behind bars, imagining that if you unleash it, it would destroy everyone. In all likelihood, this is a fantasy. Negative situations come and go, but your unexpressed emotions are there to stay, and sometimes come back in new forms, such as depression. Try to find an open, balanced, healthy way to deal with unpleasantness.

The Two of Swords Upright

When the Two of Swords is upright, it’s about feeling stuck between two choices or paths. You may be facing a difficult decision but are unsure which option is best, so you end up paralyzed by indecision. This card represents weighing pros and cons mentally but ultimately not making progress moving forward.

The upright Two of Swords encourages taking off the blindfold to gain clarity. Look at the situation from different perspectives. Getting input from others is helpful but remember the final decision is yours. This card advises a compromise if possible. But in any case, action must happen soon – a decision can’t be avoided indefinitely.

The Two of Swords Reversed

Reversed, the Two of Swords indicates indecision but also not wanting to face reality or the truth. You may be in denial about what deep down you know is the right decision. However, the reversal signals it’s time to rip off the blindfold and confront the situation honestly. Avoiding realities will only make matters worse.

While upright this card is about careful weighing of options, reversed it’s about emotions and inner wisdom already pointing to the best path but you ignoring it. The reversal is a wake up call to tap into intuition over just logic. The conflict lies within, not externally. Go with your gut and stop resisting what you know to be true.

The Two of Swords in Love

Upright, the Two of Swords may represent weighing decisions about starting or ending a relationship but being unable to move forward decisively. This card can also indicate compromise through mutual understanding is needed in the partnership.

Reversed can suggest denying your inner knowing about relationship problems and avoidance of facing reality. Confront concerns honestly together – avoiding the truth helps no one long term.

The Two of Swords in Career/Money

Upright, the Two of Swords can symbolize weighing major career or financial decisions without being able to make progress. It encourages analyzing options thoroughly but acting soon. Compromise may be best when possible.

Reversed can represent being in financial denial and avoiding facing money truths. Ignore emotions about money matters at your own peril. Also for career, denying inner wisdom about needing work changes rather than facing reality. Don’t let indecision paralyze you.

The Two of Swords: Keywords

Upright Keywords

Conflict, indecision, balance, mental clarity, peace

Reversed Keywords

Emotional blockage, confusion, imbalance, dishonesty, emotional instability

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