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The Five of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

Before we dive in and unpack what the Five of Wands has to say, first, let’s talk about the wands suit as a whole. The suit of wands represents the element of fire, which is all about passion, creativity, and energy. Each card in the suit is somehow associated with taking action and risks. In that sense, the Five of Wands is no exception to this fiery energy.

The Five of Wands shows five guys all holding wands and shoving each other. They look like they are wrestling and fighting to grab the wands. It’s disorderly and out of control. Their facial expressions are angry and tense. In the background is a castle, meaning there is still a shared goal ahead of them. But right now they are tangled up fighting rather than moving toward the goal together. The fighting wands represent conflict, disagreement and tension. This card reflects inner conflict and pushing against others instead of finding solutions that work for everyone. It reminds you that teamwork gets more done than fighting.

Five of Wands Upright

Upright, the Five of Wands is about conflict and disagreements. You may clash with others often right now instead of listening. There’s jealousy, tension and lack of cooperation. Avoid pettiness – don’t make little problems into big fights. Take a step back rather than lashing out. Look for compromise. Refocus on teamwork, not competing. Set egos aside and see other perspectives. Are you fighting for no reason or to avoid the real issue? Address the true problem directly but with patience and care. Stay respectful even during conflicts. With good communication and empathy, resolution is possible.

Five of Wands Reversed

However, reversed, the Five of Wands suggests you finally resolve conflicts and find harmony. You feel cooperation replacing tension. Let go of ego and the need to control everything. Accept you won’t agree on everything and that’s okay. Celebrate diversity – listening to different views benefits all. Reversed can also mean avoiding conflicts rather than communicating openly. Suppressed resentments linger and erupt later. Deal with issues as they arise, honestly but calmly. In teams, build trust by validating all members. Fostering community reduces resentment and infighting. Stay thoughtful in speech. With care, disagreements can spark innovation.

Five of Wands in Love

Upright, conflict and tension increase with the Five of Wands. Avoid reactive fights over unimportant issues. Beware ego escalating disagreements. Refocus on empathy, compromise and addressing the true problem respectfully. Reversed can reflect avoiding conflict which allows resentment to grow. Deal with issues honestly but calmly as they arise. Listen generously and speak thoughtfully. In relationships, seek win-win resolution. Forgive each other’s missteps. No one is perfect. With good communication, understanding grows. Make amends through kindness. Shared purpose and values anchor the bond even during inevitable conflicts. Tension clears through openness, allowing feelings of cooperation, playfulness and harmony to return.

Five of Wands in Career/Money

Upright, the Five of Wands reflects conflict and lack of teamwork undermining success. Office politics create a toxic environment. Reversed signifies finally resolving tensions and uniting for a shared goal. Let go of ego-based jockeying for position. Accept different working styles and viewpoints.

What seems like fighting is often fear of vulnerability. Foster openness through compassion. Money matters also benefit through good communication and willingness to understand others. See finances as an opportunity to collaborate, not compete. Shared purpose builds bonds. With empathy and patience, teamwork succeeds where infighting fails.

The Five of Wands: Keywords

Upright Keywords

Planning, decision-making, exploration, growth, anticipation

Reversed Keywords

Indecision, confusion, missed opportunities, fear of change, delay

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