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The Seven of Wands

The Seven of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

The Seven of Wands shows a person holding a wand and trying to fend off six attacking wands. The person looks tired but determined to stand their ground. Luckily for them, they are positioned on higher ground, allowing them to use that advantage and persevere. Throughout the tarot deck, mountains in the background represent challenges but also indicate there’s a long journey ahead still. It is no different here. The Seven of Wands is a guidebook on how to deal with oppositions. Stand up for yourself and defending your beliefs. It reminds you that you have inner strength and resilience to withstand difficulties and opposition. Even when weary, you can call on your courage and commitment to protect what’s meaningful to you.

Seven of Wands Upright

Upright, the Seven of Wands is about standing up for yourself or your beliefs when challenged. You may feel attacked or criticized when sharing your views. People question your abilities. Remain firm yet composed. Avoid petty arguments – stick to higher motives. You have the moral high ground if you stay confident without arrogance. This card gives you added strength to assert your perspective. But be mindful of impacts on others too. Compassion helps you gain cooperation and respect. With resilience, you inspire others while maintaining integrity. Your inner truth anchors you through storms. Hold fast to your vision – the future’s bright.

Eight of Wands Reversed

However, reversed, the Seven of Wands reflects feeling defensive and worn out from constant conflicts. Your energy to stand your ground is depleted. Self-doubt creeps in. Find renewal through reconnecting to purpose. Why does your vision matter? How can you inspire others positively? Reversed can also mean avoiding confrontations altogether. But healthy boundaries require standing tall, even amidst discomfort. Speak your truth with care. Some resistance precedes growth. With compassion and commitment, you build confidence to navigate challenges. Your integrity and resilience carry you ever forward.

Eight of Wands in Love

Upright, the Seven of Wands means standing up for the relationship when challenged. Outside pressures may disapprove of your romantic choices. Remain calmly resolute. Reversed can mean frequent conflicts erode closeness. Restore harmony through compassionate communication. Listen generously, speak respectfully. Assume good intent in each other. Set boundaries without attacking. With empathy, even difficulties strengthen commitment. Reversed can also reflect avoiding issues, letting tensions linger. Respectfully address problems early before they escalate. Through understanding, heal wounds. Partners who nurture goodwill and wisdom grow together. Your love withstands all when centered in purpose and presence.

Eight of Wands in Career/Money

Upright, the Seven of Wands is about defending your reputation or standards when questioned at work. Politely yet firmly establish your expertise and ethics. Ask mentors to support you as you build confidence.

Reversed, the card suggests your energy levels may be a bit depleted from constant office conflicts and competitions.  Don’t let yourself wallow.  Stay motivated and remember your contributions matter.  This is a time to avoid any workplace confrontations if possible, but at the same time this does not mean you should let people walk all over you, just because the tarot says it not a ‘good time’.  Instead be clear in your communications.  Set clear boundaries about what you will tolerate. In finances, avoid risky investments that compromise stability right now. Stay true to your purpose.

The Seven of Wands: Keywords

Upright Keywords

Defense, Perseverance, Challenge, Competition, Protection

Reversed Keywords

Fear, Retreat, Surrender, Weakness, Vulnerability

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