The Six of Wands

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Suit of Wands
The Six of Wands

The Six of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

The Six of Wands shows someone riding a horse and holding a wand high in a victory parade. People around are celebrating this person’s success. The rider has a big smile. Red flowers representing triumph are decorated on his tunic and horse. The other wands waving indicate community support. In the distance is a castle, meaning more work ahead after this win. This card is about achieving success through hard work. Even with more efforts to come, it’s important to enjoy accomplishments along the way. The Six of Wands reminds you to celebrate how far you’ve come on your journey before continuing on.

Six of Wands Upright

Upright, the Six of Wands is about celebrating victories and feeling pride in your achievements. All your dedicated efforts have been paying off! Now is the time to enjoy the fruits of your labor and receive appreciation from others who supported you. Reward yourself for how far you’ve come. Enjoy relaxation and fun with loved ones. But also remember bigger goals await ahead. Consider what foundations you need to put in place for the next phase after the success high passes. Achieving dreams is an ongoing process of small wins adding up over time. Each win gives you confidence for the road ahead!

Six of Wands Reversed

However, reversed, the Six of Wands suggests you may be minimizing your accomplishments or not sharing your victories. Be proud of your grit and resilience! Reversed can also show delays in earning recognition or lack of community support. Look for smaller wins to acknowledge. And surround yourself with cheerleaders who champion your efforts. Take quiet satisfaction in your integrity and growing abilities, even if others don’t notice yet. With commitment to your vision, your contributions will be valued in time. For now, celebrate how far you have come through acknowledging your progress and challenging yourself joyfully.

Six of Wands in Love

Upright, the Six of Wands reflects acknowledging together the progress made in your relationship. Celebrate qualities you appreciate in each other. Express pride in how you have jointly matured through ups and downs. Reversed may indicate one partner gets more attention than the other. Affirm each person’s unique gifts. Success rests on valuing everyone’s role. Also make time to enjoy fun adventures together away from routine. Reconnect through laughter and doing novel activities side by side. Shared joy builds bonds. In all stages, relationships blossom when nurtured through purposeful care, mutual encouragement and celebration.

Six of Wands in Career/Money

Upright, the Six of Wands is progress in your career goals through recognition of your efforts. Successes validate your abilities! Take healthy pride in your skills. Reward diligence by treating yourself occasionally. Reversed could mean lack of praise from colleagues. Quietly acknowledge your own growth.

If overworked, take time to recharge before the next project. Financially, manage money wisely to support further success. Ups and downs are natural. With steady vision and values, each step leads closer to your dreams. Celebrate small wins. Continued efforts bring greater rewards when you enjoy the journey.

The Six of Wands: Keywords

Upright Keywords

Victory, recognition, success, triumph, advancement

Reversed Keywords

Failure, defeat, setbacks, insecurity, lack of confidence

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