Tarot Cards

Welcome to the mystical world of the tarot cards!

Clarity Tarot offers you an ultimate guide covering all things tarot, from card meanings to spreads to rituals.

Think of this as your starter kit for awakening your own intuitive gifts as you venture down the rabbit hole of divination.  Don’t worry, I’ll be your Cosmic Companion explaining it all along the way!  Whether you’re a newbie or seasoned pro, let’s explore the magic…

Discovering Your Cosmic Language

Tarot cards each tell a unique story through symbols, numbers, elements, and archetypes.  Together, they form a sacred language that speaks directly to your soul!  When you learn this language, you’re able to interpret guidance from spirit about relationships, career, life purpose, and so much more!  But it takes practice to become fluent in cosmic symbolism.  I suggest starting by examining each card one by one until you intuitively feel its essence.  Notice the emotions, concepts, and experiences it evokes.   Journal your impressions.  Over time, you’ll start naturally connecting deeper meanings to the images.

Don’t forget to say hello to the Major Arcana family like The Fool, High Priestess, and Temperance!  They anchor the whole tarot narrative.

Blending Tarot and Astrology for a Cosmic Synergy

Want to take your tarot wisdom to galactic levels?  Add some zodiac magic!  Learning how tarot cards and astrological archetypes interrelate provides next level perspective.  For example, the passionate Wands suit resonates with Fire signs Aries, Leo and Sagittarius.  The social airy Swords suit connects to Air signs Gemini, Libra and Aquarius.  Studying these cosmic combinations enhances meaning.  You can also do readings focused on your sign.  For instance asking, “How can my Scorpio season goals best unfold?” Then draw cards related to transformation and rebirth.  Let the stars guide your explorations!

Spreads Are Your Crystal Ball

Beyond single card pulls, tarot spreads provide a crystal ball for deeper insight!  Spreads are card patterns laid out to address multifaceted questions.  The position of each card adds layers of meaning.  There are spreads for relationships, career, grief, pretty much any life facet imaginable.  Common ones like the Celtic Cross or Tree of Life are especially insightful.  I also sometimes create my own spreads spontaneously based on questions.  Experiment with different spreads and let your intuition guide you on which fits best for a given inquiry.  The right spread structure activates a flow of wisdom.  Get creative with your card layouts!

Use Tarot to Navigate the Seas of Romance

One of my favorite ways to use tarot is getting clarity around relationships and romance.  The cards offer guidance about relationship dynamics, behaviors to change, and even if someone is your destined soulmate!  I look to cards like The Lovers, Two of Cups, Ace of Cups and more when love questions arise, whether from clients or myself.  Their wisdom reveals truthful reflections about how to improve partnerships by starting from within.  Relationship problems often arise when we project blame externally without looking inward.  Tarot keeps the focus on self-growth needed to create love that lasts.  The journey is ongoing!

Let Tarot Guide Your Destiny

When facing big decisions, tarot helps you clarify the way forward in alignment with your highest truth.  Certain cards hold keys about which path leads where.  The Two of Wands reflects a crossroads and planning future vision.  The Chariot represents the need for determination.  Strength encourages following your heart’s wisdom.  While tarot doesn’t make decisions for you, it provides signposts to illuminate whether a choice resonates or feels off track.  As your own fate designer, you get to take inspired action!

Connecting the Dots with Numerology

Adding numerology to readings provides another revelatory layer about life direction.   All cards contain numbers pleading to be decoded.  Court cards hold clues about evolvement across the tarot’s journey based on their numbering.  The mystical meanings of 1 through 10 in the Minor Arcana provide insight into experiences each suit represents.  By blending numerology into tarot interpretation, you multiply the vibrance of the messages exponentially!  It creates a truly multidimensional conversation with spirit.


Balance Your Chakras with Tarot

Here’s an amazing way to combine tarot and energy healing – draw cards related to each of your 7 chakras for clarity on blockages and alignment.  For example, pull the Emperor to understand distortions affecting your root chakra.  Or draw the Lovers to illuminate your third eye.  Let the cards reveal which chakras need extra love.  You can also observe color patterns.  An influx of Wands and Swords may signal overactive upper chakras, while excess Cups and Pentacles can indicate blocked lower centers.  Chakra tarot meets you where you need balance.

Journey Inward with Tarot as Your Guide

Some of my favorite tarot work involves navigating inner realms – where intuition meets psychology.  The cards unveil your subconscious landscape.  Are the same challenging cards appearing repeatedly?  They likely symbolize internal beliefs begging to be addressed.  Is The Hermit recurring?  Your spirit may be calling for soul-searching.  Let tarot guide you ever deeper into your psyche’s wondrous layers so that you may emerge more empowered and self-aware than before.  Your readings map the inner path.

Decode Messages from Your Dreams

Tarot can also help interpret dreams!  Record dreams daily, then pull cards that illuminate their symbolism.  This dream decoding reveals insights your conscious mind normally misses.  For example, dreams about houses or buildings can connect to the Emperor’s stability.  Flowing water may tie to the Cups suit and emotions.  Recurring dream symbols often link to specific tarot cards – unlock their messages!

In Conclusion…

I hope this overview gets you excited to begin exploring tarot’s infinite wisdom using the techniques, spreads, and symbolic tools illuminated here!  Interpreting the cards is a lifelong journey.  Let your curiosity guide you – there are no wrong paths, only discoveries.  My best advice is to stay PLAYFUL.  Experiment, get creative, and don’t take things too seriously!  Laughter infused readings are my favorite.  Most importantly, make the cards your own through unique rituals and constant self-reflection.  Their power comes alive when we engage actively.  You’ve got this!  Now, go dazzle the Universe with your creative readings.

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Are tarot cards real?

Yep, tarot cards are 78 very real pieces of cardboard with intricate images and symbols printed on them!  But whether readings provide actual mystical insight depends on your beliefs.  For believers, tarot is a spiritual mirror reflecting hidden truths.  Skeptics view them as imaginary fiction.  I believe the real magic lies somewhere in between – tarot can act as a tool for self-reflection if you’re open to it.

Are tarot cards evil?

Not at all!

Dark depictions of tarot in movies are just exaggerated Hollywood hype.  Tarot is totally neutral – it’s all about how you use it.  Read with good intentions for self-growth and you’ll attract good vibes.  Some cultural or religious beliefs may claim otherwise, but there’s no inherent evil to cards with pictures on them!

Can tarot cards ruin your life?

Only if you let them!

The cards themselves hold zero power over your life.  They simply provide guidance to contemplate.  You retain free will and responsibility for all decisions.  Readings are meant to give insights to discuss with your own logic and intuition, not replace them.  Used properly for self-reflection, tarot can enrich, not ruin!

How are tarot cards read?

Readers shuffle the deck and lay out cards in patterns called spreads.  You likely visualize someone staring intensely at cards placed on a table!  Then the reader interprets each card based on its imagery, symbols, placement, number, and relationship to the surrounding cards.  These details provide clues to the reader about life situations.  The cards won’t speak without a skilled interpreter to unlock their messages!

What do tarot cards mean?

Each card contains multiple layers of meaning relating to themes, archetypes, events, and experiences.  For example, the Lovers often relates to relationships, choices and uniting aspects of oneself.  The Hermit can represent soul-searching, solitude or seeking inner wisdom.  But meanings get personalized based on how cards interact in a spread and the reader’s intuition.  There’s no single set definition for each card!

Preparing your reading