Tarot Spreads

Welcome to the world of tarot spreads, where profound insights and guidance await you.

Tarot spreads are the key to the universe’s knowledge and guidance. The right tarot spread paired with the right question can reveal love, work, and life’s purpose. Also available are tarot spreads for decision-making, relationships, and healing. Keep reading to find out more on the different types of tarot spreads available to help you gain personalized insights to make informed decisions.

Remember! Tarot can’t predict the future. Although many people might mistakenly think os. Instead, tarot is a tool to reflect on certain life situations and the possibilities that come along with them. The cards help you see another perspective of life clearly, confidently, and openly.

Tarot spreads

What are tarot Spreads?

Any specific arrangement of cards that provides insight into various aspects of life, situations, or questions can be considered a tarot spread. In a tarot reading, cards that are pulled from the deck are laid out on a table in a specific order and position. Each position in a tarot spread represents a different aspect or element, allowing the cards to reveal a more detailed and nuanced interpretation. Specific positions and orders create a unique storyboard that tells a different tale every time.

How Many Tarot Spreads Are There?

The beauty of tarot is its versatility, and the same can be said about tarot spreads. Ultimately the answer to this question is that there are an unlimited count of tarot spreads, each tailored to different areas of life or intentions. Some tarot spreads are so simple they utilize only one card, while other more popular can use three cards, all the way up to the more complex spreads with multiple positions. Such spreads can use 10 cards and higher. As a tarot reader, it’s all about exploring and experimenting with various spreads. What you are trying to do is find the ones that resonate most with you, your reading style and to whomever you are reading to.

Can Anyone Do Their Own Tarot Spread?

Absolutely! When you think about it, there are numerous tarot spreads for different occasions, questions, and intentions. How did these come about if not through exploration and experimentation of tarot enthusiasts. Granted, most of the tarot spreads we are familiar with today have been passed down through history from one tarot reader to the next, but that is not to say that anyone can’t create their own tarot spread. Tarot spreads are clearly not exclusive to professional tarot readers. There is no roadmap to creating a new tarot spread. I guess new tarot spreads are created in a similar way to how new food recipes are created. It’s an experimentation process that includes using different ingredients, cooking methods and cooking tools, imagination, and experimentation.

Which Spread is Best for a Love Tarot Reading?

There are a variety of tarot spreads that are used to answer specific matters of the heart. Among them you can find a 3,5, and 7 card love tarot reading.  Love and relationship readings focus on the strengths and weaknesses of both partners, and examine the hopes, fears, and potential outcomes of a relationship, and offers guidance and clarity on which areas in the relationship you should focus on.

5 Popular Tarot Spreads worth exploring:

  1. The Celtic Cross Spread: This iconic spread uses 10 cards.  It’s strongest asset and what probably makes it so popular is the fact that it is comprehensive and covers multiple facets of life.
  2. The Three-Card Spread: Simple yet powerful, the Three-Card Spread is perfect for quick and focused inquiries. Each card represents the past, present, and future, providing concise and straightforward answers. This spread is ideal for daily readings or when you need quick guidance on a specific situation.
  3. The Horseshoe Spread: As the name suggests, this spread resembles a horseshoe shape, with seven cards positioned accordingly. It offers insights into the past, present, and future, as well as the querent’s desires, challenges, and potential outcomes. The Horseshoe Spread is particularly useful when seeking clarity on a complex situation or when exploring multiple facets of a question.
  4. The Past-Present-Future Spread: This straightforward spread uses three cards to illuminate the influences of the past, present, and future. It provides a concise snapshot of the energies at play and is suitable for gaining a quick understanding of a situation or decision.
  5. The Zodiac Spread: Inspired by astrology, the Zodiac Spread incorporates twelve cards, each representing a different astrological sign. This spread offers a unique perspective by connecting the energies of the zodiac with the querent’s life. It provides insights into personality traits, strengths, challenges, and potential areas of growth. The Zodiac Spread is especially beneficial for self-reflection and gaining a deeper understanding of one’s path.
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