Leo 2023 Horoscope

July 23 - Aug. 22
Leo 2023 Horoscope

2023 Yearly Astrology Predictions for Leo

The Leo 2023 horoscope will present you with both challenges and opportunities. Your’e looking at a challenging year ahead, but rest assured you have the inner strength to pull through. The stars advise to keep putting in the effort in work, but at the same time pay attention to challenges that might hurt your dignity or pride. Keep thinking positive and appreciate what you already have. Around the year’s third quarter, Jupiter and Venus will have a positive impact on your career. At the same time opposing forces originating from Saturn and Rahu will place obstacles in your path. It is wise to keep a vigilant eye and avoid them. Take care of your health, because the Leo 2023 Horoscope foresees that the new year may pose risks in this area.

Saturn advises you to avoid dwelling on past mistakes and focus on your work. Negative thoughts can harm your health, and the movement of Mars and Rahu indicates that you should avoid aggression. Regular meditation can help protect you from the negative effects of these planets, which can make it difficult to sleep at night.

In July, Venus retrogrades in your sign, indicating that much of your life will undergo a process of reconditioning. Before that, pay attention to the final stretch of Saturn’s transit in Aquarius, which activates your partnership sector until March 7. Once Saturn enters Pisces, your sector of depth, outside resources, and intimacy will be activated. You’ll be fully immersed in your deepest emotions and will need to find healthy outlets to express them to the parties involved. Humor can help you navigate your feelings better, and you should pay attention to what is not said as much as what is expressed.

In May, Jupiter’s entrance into Aries will help you harness your passions and take risks. You may even decide to launch your own course or start-up during this time. Saturn’s retrograde in Pisces on June 17 may have you reflecting on your core values and tending to your inner self. Venus’s retrograde in your sign from July 22 to Sept. 3 will ask you to define yourself beyond external accomplishments. This is the year where you truly reveal yourself to yourself. Embrace the opportunities, and love the life you live!

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